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2006 Homecoming/Reunion Week:
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PMA Matatag/MasMatatag 71
2006 Alumni Homecoming Week
February 2006

by Rey Rivera - Class Secretary

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FRIDAY, 17 Feb 2006:

Matatags started to trickle in to Elizabeth Hotel where most of the members were billeted. The group of Boyet Runes (Battle of the Classes rep for golf) however, came 1 or 2 days before so that they could prepare and defend their title, whatever that is...Later that evening, we were given the news by Boyet that we were the runner-up. Not bad Boyet except that there were only two classes that were represented or played. Class 70 and 71......%$#@...

The dinner party turned out to be one of the most enjoyable party that we had. Hmmmm, I guess being retired gives you more liberty and freedom to say and do what you could not do before.......

Anyway, there were lots of good food, booze, dancing, picture taking, bolahizing (ano pa nga ba) in between the stand-up comedy of Rolly Garcia, the dancing exhibition of Ave-Eva Cruz and Virtus-Lita Gil, and the rendition of a song by Ave (kaya ka ba umalis sa Academy Ave dahil sayang talent mo???) and Josh Domingo (son of Ariel)....

To the surprise and delight of everyone, the foreign based Matatags, spearheaded by the MasMatatags, gave away graduation pictures, printed t-shirts with individual pics of how we looked 35 years past, and mouse pads with our class crest. Some enterprising Matatags used the mouse pads as car pass the following day to get inside restricted areas and park their vehicles inside Fort del Pilar......Hindi na naka-angal yun mga MP.......

The night of fun had to be cut short dahil baka ma-late for attention call si Ging Cagurangan for the Alumni Parade the following day.....

Again, thanks to the very generous Class Prexy, Dick as well as Annie de Leon, for hosting the dinner.. For info of the members, Dick and Annie hosted quite a handful of Matatag activities during his tenure......

Saturday, Feb 18, 2006:

The Alumni who attended this year was not as big as the previous years. by my guess, the number was only about half of what I usually see. Our Class participation however, was pretty much well represented with 37 members reviewing the "long" (I dont think all cadets took part in the parade) gray line...

An election of a new set of Board of Directors was held during lunch graciously hosted by Egay and Mawee Aglipay near Loakan Airport. It was agreed that in as much as all Matatags were already retired from the military service, all cadet companies (3 ea) should be have representatives. Also, the foreign based mistahs should have representatives though 7 would already constitute a quorum during meetings.

Hereunder are the results:

Rey Alcasid
Boy Caste
Rey Rivera

Ruben Domingo - President
Joey Lalisan
Doy Francisco

Aris delos Reyes
Bert Sillona
Ging Cagurangan

Romy Dominguez
Rolly Garcia
Rey Velasco

Ernie Fernandez
Ariel Domingo
Dan Perico

Saturday, Feb 25, 2006:

Coup or no coup, red alert or not, resignation or no resignation, the despedida party hosted by the Class in Cafe Villa at the PA Officers Clubhouse pushed thru. Those who signified to attend were advised to bring extra clothes just in case the members were not allowed to go out of camp anymore.. hehehe. Guess the intelligence people had an easier time monitoring and accounting the whereabouts of the Matatags.. ( I gathered Rex Piad was not arrested but went along with his arrested golfing partner Gen Montano)...

The evening unexpectedly turned out to be full of fun and laughter with lots of again food, dancing, picture taking and bolahizing....The ladies had loads of fun doing lots of line dancing believing that this would bring back their shapely figures 35 years past.... And this is for the record..All Matatags present (well, except for Aris and Mel), had some line dancing lessons under the tutelage of ....who else....Eva Cruz. One of the big surprise of the evening was the dance exhibition (well aside from Ave-Eva Cruz and Virtus-Lita Gil of course whom we envy very much) of Dan Perico and ___ (could somebody help me out here kung sino na nga partner nya!!!!!)......Saan ka nag-secret lessons Dan? Kaya ka ba madalas umuwi dito? ...hahahaha, joke lang po!! Happy Birthday pala (28 Feb).

In the 'Name that Bogo-bogo" game concocted by the MasMatatag balikbayans, the ladies present almost had a perfect score until they failed to recognize the looks of 1st Class Cadets Viduya and Cabagnot........The Class would like to thank the foreign based Matatags and MasMatatags for those blowup grad pictures...For those absent that evening, I have some of the unclaimed pictures..

Just before the party broke at way past midnight (I think it was already 0030), Rolly Garcia suggested that a reunion be held at the US in Feb of 2007. He had to eat his words when he initiated a US round trip ticket raffle joke which was followed by pledges from some members present. Those who left early were disqualifed in the raffle.....Sorry po sa inyo.....

Here are the winners of that raffle (economy ticket lang po ha):


Roll and Malou Garcia Verna Albano
Virtus and Lita Gil Jing MArtinez
Ariel and Rochee Domingo Hazel Acosta
Ave and Eva Cruz Malou Vasquez
Ernie and Ching fernandez Nina delos Reyes
Danny and Charito perico Elbe Dominguez
Jun and Tess Paynor Marmi Sillona
Unknown sponsor c/o Rolly Garcia Malou Garcia

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2006 Homecoming/Reunion Week:
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