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June 1996

2nd Quarter 1996
VV Gil President

"The fabled" (i.e. short for self, proclaimed, fabulously abled) class of 1971 welcomes itself back to the Class Call space. The long absence was unintentional. Whereas, members of the other classes just grew white hair on their heads and etched respectable wrinkles on their faces, the members of our class were incapacitated by severe bouts of arthritis one after another. Thanks to modern medicines, they are back (with a vengeance), hopefully for good.

To start with, the class became a silver jubilarian this year and being one was not so bad after all, especially, when the Supt of the PMA, General Estrellado, obliged you and the senior host class ('66) with a formal Ball. The latter maybe more experienced dancers with no dancing partners could kick higher than the Matatag's swinging (only on the dance floor) couple, Senior Superintendent and Mrs. Virtus Gil.

Speaking of jubilees, for the first time in years, Cavalier Greg Honasan joined the Alumni Parade. The reason for his non-attendance was more serious. He had gout on both knees. The Senate was a convenient place from him to recuperate. Nowadays, we see him on television sitting in the Higher Chamber.

The members took advantage of the near perfect attendance and food to hold an election at the PMA picnic ground. Here, outgoing class president Rex Piad heaved a sigh of relief and, with a meaningful grin, gladly turned over to Virtus Gil the 'top' position( did anybody ever suffer a headache of the toes? Rex got you there Mistah! But you were not in a position to decline, anyway.

Those elected were President - Virtus Gil; VP - Cicero Castellano; Secretary - Rey Alcasid; Treasurer - Aris Delos Reyes; Auditor - Art Lim; Historian - Arpee Santos; Business Manager - Jun Sarmenta; Special Events - Ralph Flores; Civilian Affairs - Obet Pagdanganan; PA Rep - Romy Dominguez; PN Rep - Ruben Domingo; PNP Rep - DA Domingo; PAL Rep - Bert Sillona.

The 1996 Homecoming was one of the well attended reunions of the class. Four members braved the escalating cost of jetsetting from the USA to the Philippines and back in order to attend the affair. Danny Perico, Jun Fabros, Ernie Fernandez, and Ariel Domingo. Later they were given a despedida party at the AFPCOC in Camp Aguinaldo on 24 Feb. Another first - the four Domingos; Los Angeles based Ariel, Manuel of PAL, DA of PNP an Ruben of PN, were together in once class affair after so many years.

Too bad, the four balikbayans could not prolong their stay, much as they wanted to to attend the succeeding affairs; induction of the newly elected officers on 30 March outing in Pansol, Laguna on 27 April in honor of the recently promoted Chief Superintendents and ballroom dancing to raise fund on 17 May at AFPCOC.

At this point, I would like to thank Bert Sillona and Edwin Galzote for contributing information to the Class Call. Col Galzote has amusing anecdotes to tell about the over the table conversations of the boys. Here's one for the record. Arpee Santos commented upon seeing the pretty BDI's (Ballroom Dancing Instructors), "Virtus, next class affair, gawin nating stag. Gatz, next time, just phone in your stories at my office. Don't hand in any written evidences. My wife threatened to publish all the unprintable quotes of the wives about us if the rest of the dialogue were to be printed on the ground that they were too "sexist". Tsk, Tsk, I think you stand to lose more mistah. Let's keep our macho image intact, okey? Your other story about Edgar Elona seems to appeal better to the ladies. Did he really imply that he should only be charged half of the ballroom dancing ticket's cost because he was only interested in the dinner? My wife said, "which serving? Go ask him if he meant the food!"

The class may have had experienced as series of setback in the past but these are overridden by the election of Greg to the Senate, the promotions of nine members to rank of Chief Superintendents - Ping Lacson, EQ Fernandez, Dick De Leon, Rex Piad, Cutes Cataluna, Rey Velasco, DA Domingo, Joey Lalisan, and Egay Aglipay, and positioning of the other members to their respective branch of service. 


Brigade Commanders: Romy Dominguez (202 Bde, Bicol) and Narcing Abaya (102 Bde, Ipil, Zamboanga Del Sur);


 Rey Rivera (G-5) and Rey Alcasid (G-7); Engineer Brigade: Caloy Garcia (Dep. Bde Comdr, 52Bde) and Cesar Gopilan (CS, 51Ebde);

The rest:

Rudy Vasquez (CS, 8ID); Jerry Albano (CS, VISCOM); Dong Tabamo (DS, Cong Yap); Ernie Lumang (Mil Attache, SoKor); Marte Chioco (Dep; Div Comdr for Opn, 8ID) Alex Lasan (Dep J1); and Al Dagudag (CS, 7ID).

Air Force

HPAF Staff: Ralp Flores (A-6) and Nelson Eslao (A-8);

The Rest

Boy Castellano (Comdr, PAFFS); Edwin Galzote (AFPM); Bay Seron (OSS, HPAF); Arpee Santos (Ex-O, A-4); Pop Ocampo (DO, 100 TW); Dan Francia (SJS, GHQ); Edgar Elona (GC, 900th WSG); Neon Ebuen (GC 505SARG); and Bert Sillona (DO, 420AW).


Aris delos Reyes (N-5 HPN); Jack Tan (Cebu); Ruben Domingo (Zamboanga).

In as much as the PNP is currently undergoing a reshuffling, Matatag members' positions in the PNP, together with the details of our retirees, will be in the next quarter issue of the Cavalier.

From 111 in 1971, the number of members still in the active service dwindled to 51. Fifty had retired (20 opted to work abroad) and ten had passed away.

Of the 20 who retired and left the country to live abroad, six are from the PA, two from the PNP, eight from the PAF and three from the PN. Whatever way you refer to interpret this set of raw data, it is very clear that the lowest rate of mortality is in the Navy. Nothing can beat the Army when it comes to living up to the class motto; Marte Chioco is still unmarried.

Sept 1996

The Fabled Class. The second quarter of 1996 took off with a grand ballroom dancing in the guise of a fund raising campaign held at the AFPCOC Camp Aguinaldo last May 17, 1996.

It was soon followed by a birthday party hosted by Bulacan Governor Roberto Pagdanganan on July 20 at the Club Filipino. Obet did not want to be reminded of the year he was born (No General Gregorio del Pilar was not his classmate in grade one) so he made it appear that the party was in honor of the five newly promoted PNP generals; Hercules Cataluna, DA Domingo, Joey Lalisan, Rex Piad, and Rey Velasco, in alphabetical order to avoid any untoward billing incident.

The incumbent class president, Virtus Gil, spoke in behalf of the class. Talking in the Galactic language of the extra terrestrials, he greeted Obet a happy birthday and thanked him for honoring the generals. Gov promised to host a party every time the members of the class get to be promoted. Let's hope he would not retire from politics when he accidentally gets hold of an E.T. Thesaurus and finally realizes that he would be hosting up to year 2000 plus!

On August 11, the class had another reunion at the PN Officers Club House. This time it was attended exclusively by the male members although there was an unconfirmed report that a group of wives had a clandestine meeting inside the Fort Bonifacio, too. The wives agenda was the usual .. After all, it was not planned. It just happened to coincide, by a mere stroke of luck, with spouses meeting.

Here are the updated lists of the PNP assignments and the whereabouts of retired class members:

Philippine National Police

Rey Velasco - Regional Director, Regional Office I
Egay Aglipay - Regional Director, RO 3
Dick De Leon - Regional Director, RO 5
Joey Lalisan - Regional Director, RO 11
Vic Batac - Director, Civil Relations Office
Rey Acop - Director, PNP Crime Laboratory
Ed Manaay - Director, Airport Security Group
Joe Ayap - Deputy Director, Personnel
Rolly Garcia - Deputy Director, Plans
Jimmy dela Cruz - Deputy Director, Comptroller Center
Obet Pagdanganan - Bulacan Governor
Tiboy Fusilero - Deputy Director,  Civil Security Group
EQ Fernandez - Director, Criminal Investigation Group
Rex Piad - Director, Narcotics Group
DA Domingo - Director, Logistics Group
Hercules Cataluna - Director, Central Police District
Virtus Gil - Deputy Director, RO 2
Twiggy Zubia - Stand-in for Antonio Banderas
Ping Lacson - in between assignments
Ed Martillano - in between assignments
Reggie Regalado - in between assignments
Bugsy Cabagnot - Deputy PRO 3
Atot Paredes - Deputy PRO 4

Whereabouts of PMA Class 71 (Ret)

Philippine Army

Mel Acosta - Office of Senator Honasan
Jing Cagurangan - California, USA
Stan David - California, USA
Rolly Degracia - USA
Raffy Galvez - Quezon City Hall
Ruben Gange - Australia
Jaime Gopilan - USA
Greg Honasan - Senate, Republic of the Philippines
Cesar Ibo - RSBS
Jake Malajacan - RAM Foundation
Oca Martinez - RSBS
Bob Sacramento - Customs, Zamboanga
Huey Tabanda - Businessman, Baguio
John Velasco - Pasig
Levy Zamora - USA

Philippine Navy

Bing Alano - Pres, Center for Economic Policy Research
Wency Cruz - General Manager, Ayala Theater Management, Inc.
Soc Brazal - Ontario, Canada
Jun Fabros - Virginia, USA
Bobby Laciste - Florida, USA
Archie Almario - PAL
Peewee Peralta - At Large

Phil National Police

Ariel Domingo - California, USA
Ed Finones - USA
Jess Paredes - Businessman
Jun Paynor - DFA
Teddy Runes - Coca-Cola
Teody Viduya - At Large

Philippine Air Force

Edwin Abello - Chicago, USA
Danny Belonia - Pilot/Aviation Consultant/Businessman
Manny Domingo - F-27 Pilot/737 Pilot Trainee, PAL
Volts Espejo - Management Consultant
Manny Foronda - FLT Engr 747 PAL
Tito Legaspi - Consultant
Ed Maranon - California, USA
Gel Molato - Exec. VP, Best Built Estate, Inc. Makati
Danny Perico - Computer Analyst, Virginia, USA
Manny Resplandor - F-27 Pilot, 737 Pilot Trainee, PAL
Nick Varona - (Pls. get in touch wherever you are)
Art Balmaceda - Real Estate Broker, Hawaii, USA
Narcing Dauz - No News
Philip Espejo - High School Instructor, Maryland, USA
EB Fernandez - California, USA
Red Kapunan - Banker, Iloilo
Rolly Malinis - California, USA
Miles Millena - Australia
Bobby Navida - News black out
JB Ramos - Mercenary Pilot, Angola
Jun Sarmenta - Golfer and .
Boby Yarisantos - FLT Engr 747 PAL

June 1997

VV Gil, President

Senator Gregorio Honasan was invited as guest of honor and speaker during the Alumni Foundation Meeting of US-based Peemayers at Los Angeles, California, USA last 1March 1997. Of the 150 guests, one bugo-bugo belonging to Class 57 audaciously assured the eloquent senator that the group would give their all out support, in whatever form should he decide to run for "you know what". Mel (and Hazel) was fortunate enough to be able to accompany Greg as he was granted a one week pass by the Philippine Department of Justice and Department of National Defense. The other Matatags present were: Tex Balmaceda, who brought along a grass skirt all the way from Hawaii, was very disappointed to learn that he would not be given the chance to demonstrate his latest Tahiti Belly Dance; Ariel and Rochie were able to log several hundred miles to gladly attend to Greg's and Jane's late night activities starting from their arrival at the airport; Amboy Ernie (with wife Ching) Fernandez had the best 30 minutes of the evening when Rollie Degracia and Archie Almario could not make out to what class our mistah belonged; Estan and Lolit David were not able to finish their meal before Greg's publication of orders (candidacy?) when Pitong Heredia told them to give their plates to the waiter; Bob Sacs displayed his Zamboanga imported DI (Dance Instructor)'s prowess until Menchu could no longer walk. Rey Rivera and Benjie attempted to have their 8th kid but were handicapped realizing that they were already grandparents. Reported absent from duty by Sir Irwin Petel Ver were Ed Maranon, Danny Perico, Rolly Malinis, Jimmy Gopilan, Philip Espejo, Edwin Abello, Ging Cagurangan, Doy Francisco, Bob Laciste, and Totoy Fabros.

Our PAF Chapter led by BERT SILLONA held a successful Invitational Golf Tournament last April 15 at the Villamor Golf Club. The tournament was made memorable by the ceremonial tee-offs of GREG HONASAN. He hit five Titleist balls - three windbeating dubs and two perfect slices - using golf club Don Honasan inherited from his mother.

Miles Millena dropped by before the start of the Tournament but had to leave posthaste to catch his plane back to Sydney.

Manny Domingo entered before the winner board with a net score of 71, beating the likes of Vic Batac, Twiggy Zubia (he has his eyes for the Governor of Aurora), Rey Acop, Bong Ebuen, and Jun Sarmenta. Tito Legaspi demonstrated the latest gadget for golf tournaments - a computer-assisted tracking of the players scores and proclaiming the results of the tournament within seconds after the last player has submitted his score card.

Golf shoe bags emblazoned with the Class logo were given away during the tournament.

07 Dec 1998

The unofficial matatag website was completely posted at the internet.

Nov 1999

Ping Lacson was appointed as Chief, Philippine National Police on November 1999 (served up to January 20, 2001) and became the first member of the Class to get the highest post one can aspire in the National Police Service. He was promoted to Director General.

29 May 2000

Matatag Forum via the internet was started.

June 2000

VV Gil, President
Four members of the class were nominated as members of the Board of Directors, PMAAAI namely: Romy Dominguez, Rey Acop, Ruben Domingo, and Rey Rivera. The four are the representatives to the Board to oversee alumni activities for 2001. Yes, mistahs, it had been 29 very long years since we graduated.

Despite the fact that we are still a year away from hosting the PMAAA foundation activities, the class attendance during the alumni parade last 12 February was not very bad. There were 27 who trooped the line (Army - 9, PAF - 3, PN - 2, and PNP - 13) led by bugo-bugos in uniform Aris delos Reyes, a cavalier awardee; Romy Dominguez, doing overtime work with the CSAFP and, of course, no less than the Deputy Director General himself, Ping Lacson. Except for those reporting after the parade, the Matatags had an unplanned lunch courtesy of Egay Aglipay and Mawee at the Baguio Country Club (BCC).

Since it was not working day, Ping did not mind out our mistahs who played golf immediately after lunch although you could see the tension from the players who were teeing off near the clubhouse.

The number of Matatags swelled to 30 during the testimonial dinners when news spread that the venue would be the Mansion House instead of BBC.

Roasted during the testimonial dinner for star-ranks were Rudy Vasquez, Caloy Garcia, Tiboy Fusilero, Twiggy Zubia an dour lone three-star Ping Lacson who appeared with his wife Alice and granddaughter (???). (Sa wakes, nakilala rin ng Army, Navy, at Air Force kung sino ang bunkmate ni Ping Lacson).

There were full of surprises that evening. Some of our kaydet girl were present and they were still as lovely as before one of whom was May Rose, sister of Jun Paynor. Cavalier Jinggoy Estrada and Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez (Class '72 adoptees) dropped by and offered to help in the fundraising of Class '71 by offering their upcoming films for premier showing.

Ping clarified to the Matatag ladies that hindi niya naman ipinagbabawal ang fund raising activities but bawal magtinda ng tickets sa PNP personnel. To appease the women, he obliged to shoulder their uniform for next year.

Do you know whose sons (wala pang daughters) who idolized their fathers that they followed their footsteps in the Academy (Boy Caste, Edwin Cuenco, Ed Elona, and Ruben Inggo)? Alam ninyo rin ba kung sino ang latest na nagpakasal sa miyembro ng klase? (Hindi si Mardol Maranon na lang ang binata sa klase). You may get in touch with Marte Chioco to confirm your guess. Next time, better attend so that you can get the latest tsismis at para hindi ka rin mapagusapan.

Despite the simple activities held during the one-day reunion schedule, everyone really enjoyed and had a grand time most especially during lunch, golf, and dinner.  

29 Dec 2000

Annual Christmas party held-We had a good number for this year. 47 of us came. Ping arrived very early. Gringo came in late. And to think that they are always telling me that they are "coordinated". All our classmates from Mindanao were accounted for. Narsing Abaya, Ernie Lumang, Bagsi and Tibo (who came early..yon ang himala!!). Conspicously absent were Vic Batac and Jake Malajacan--and to my mind, that was the main reason why we were in a whispering mood during the party. Lt was a clear sign that we were not allowed to talk about the crisis or politics. lt was a prudent move for the mistahs to do that and allowed the spirit of christmas and the outpouring of emotions to prevail especially when you meet mistahs like Lakay Tabanda and Ernie Lumang after more than ten years. And they have not changed a bit!!!. After the dinner, Virtus Gil talked about the Homecoming Activity in February--some FCI here and billetting, dinner to be hosted by Caloy Garcia, golf game on Sunday and the Book Donations of our US based mistahs was also taken up by Volts Espejo. The night was capped by the raffle and xchange gift portion of the program. Super emceeing by Twiggy Zubia brought out the cadet in us and finally we were all in a jocular and jovial mood. And just when the program was about to end.. Twiggy said.."Mga mistah--l would like to announce the arrival of Senador Gringo Honasan.. Mistah, ano ba? Guilty ? or Not Guilty? And we responded with a wild roar. Ging Cagurangan

Dec 2000

VV Gil, President
Despite being the Host Class, we were again caught flatfooted during the 3rd Quarter issue of the Cavalier. Ano na naman yan!!!

For those not still in the know, about a third of the class have already gone out of their shells and broke into the IT (Information Technology) world. Kayong mga iba pa dyan na gumagamit ng Post Office to mail letter to your friends, gising na mga kapatid at kaibigan. Ano man ang gusto mong ipaabot ay maaring makarating within a few minutes or seconds using the computer via e-mail. We have 42 classmates with email addresses

We also have a group e-mail ( established by Soc Brazal where everyone gets to know what's happening among the members and their families.  So, for those who are still in the stone age, have yourself registered into the cyberworld. Just get in touch with any of the e-members para maisali kayo otherwise di kayo makakuha ng balitang sink.

Trivia questions:

1)      How many 2-stars does the Class have int the PA? PN? PAF?PNP?

2)      Who is the Ambassador to Israel belonging to Class 71?

3)      Who is the last bachelor/playboy of Class 71?


16 Feb 2001

PMA Class 1971 was the most senior host during the 2001 PMA Alumni Homecoming held at Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City. From Australia, Miles and Ching came in as early as 3 February. Israel Ambassador Jun Paynor and Tess followed on the 10th. Soc and Weet from Canada arrived on the 14th. The delegation from the U.S. checked in between 12 to 16 February: Ebee Fernandez and Ching Stan David and Lolit; Ariel Domingo and Rossana; Dan Perico and Charito; Nap Aquino and Mary; and Jun Fabros (alone). Eagerly monitoring the events who were not able to make it for various reasons were Doy Francisco, Tex Balmaceda, Rolly Malinis, Bobby Laciste, and Ed Maranon.

Re-enactment of the 1967 Reception of PMA Class 71. Dubbed as "Back to the Slope" activity, a select group of six mistahs who planned and executed the re-enactment of the reception of PMA Class '71, from assembly at GHQ, CGEA to PMA Grandstand. Inspired by the unique idea of Rolly Garcia, hatched and designed by Volts Espejo, improved by Ging Cagurangan, and Stan David, and then executed under scrutinizing eyes and command of Totoy Rivera and Alex Lasan, this activity had established another trend or tradition in the Academy -according to PMA Supt. Nonoy Carranza, one of the cadets then who is actually batch 1971. With limited preparation, the power of cellphones and text messaging contributed to the success of this activity. Answering the assembly call at 0400H in front of GHQ Building were 10 assorted vehicles with 16 mistahs plus their immediate families. Leading the pack were the select group of the Transportation Management Group tasked by their boss-mistah, P/CSupt Atot Paredes. Jun Paynor and Dan Perico, with their respective families, joined up at Luisita Complex, Tarlac City.

Alex Lasan decided to be 100 kms ahead- baka raw magloko yong service vehicle niya. Dan Francia reported that he would be leading the northern delegation via Naguilian Road. Too bad, he could not tag along Paya who was then the Regional Director of PNP Region I covering Ilocos and Pangasinan provinces - busy securing the route, maybe?

Bert Sillona checked in with the convoy twenty minutes later with a convoy for Classes '51 or '76. Late siyang dumating siyempre - o baka naman ploy lang to avoid the Reception Rituals?

Virtus Gil, the outgoing Class Prexy who was then making last minute coordinations in PMA (cramming as usual), texted that the convoy should be in PMA Gate o/a 1100H so that the Supt can personally laed the reception. Adjustments were made in the route plan to meet the target time required.

On the dot at the PMA Gate, Virtus formed and gave the 32 participants the slightest idea of what to happen next - take the bus, form near the Mess Hall, march off in front of the grandstand, and then wait for next events.

When "Take Charge" was commanded by the Superintendent, the receiving cadets dashed to our assembly area. This time the receiving cadets seemed to be confused when to order what. The Matatags true to their commitment to follow legal orders (even wthout orders of the receiving cadets), they did the rituals of pushing up, squat jumping, etc. after one minute, Tito Legaspi whispered to some cadets to do the same exercises with us. Gulo na - di na alam kung sino ang nirereceive? Then came the issuance of hot towels and pep talk of the PMA Superintendent. Overall, the activity was fun and enjoying!!!

Book Donation to the PMA Libaray. During the Superintendent's Reception, the book donation of our FBMs spearheaded by Ariel and Stan, was presented formally to the Academy through the Superintendent. The 10 balikbayan boxes book donation consisted of assorted management, engineering, and computer books from the Science Library of the University of Southern California (USC). Specila mention goes to Ms. Luz F. Ploponio of USC for helping the class obtained these books. Many thanks to Ebbe, Soc, Ed. M, and DanP for shouldering the freight cost.

New Set of Class Officers. At the class meeting in Baguio City on 17 February, Caloy Garcia was elected as the President for five years. The Class gave him the authority to select his own set of officers. The following were asked to help Caloy run the affairs of the class:

Jess Paredes, Sr. VP
Dick De Leon, VP, PNP Chapter
Totoy Rivera, VP, PA Chapter
Boy Castellano, VP, PAF Chapter
Ben Domingo, VP, PN Chapter
Gel Molato, VP, BIRC Chapter
Ariel Domingo, VP, FBM Chaper
Volts Espejo, Secretary
Art Lim, Auditor
James Canatoy, Press Relations Officer
Bert Sillona, Business Manager
Vic Batac, Special Events/Activity Officer
Rolly Malinis, Historian
Ging Cagurangan, Sgt.-at-Arms.

from: Roll Call Cavalier Magazines 2nd Qtr - 2001

17 Feb 2001

To all Matatags, It was a record breaking Homecoming for all this weekend. The baguio weather was extra cool and contributed to the sucess of the activity. The coinciding of the Flower Festival of Baguio, however, resulted in monstrous traffic jams along the Laokan route all the way to the roads leading to the city. The most number of class welcome streamers hung along the route from as far as the Expressway to Baguio and some even at the Naguilian Route. 62 Matatags were there.

We started with the reenactment of the reception we had 1 April 1967. From GHQ to the Parade Ground of PMA. We sang the "I Got six pence" medley on the bus from the gate of Fort Del Pilar to the time we disembarked. A team of First Class cadets briefed us and marched us in two platoons to the Parede ground facing the grandstand where the Superintendent and his Staff sat. Our Ladies were there too and watched, all for the first time imagining how it was before. When the Sup said take charge and the Company Commander barked the order, "take charge", the Class 2001 Cadets came rushing - and once again, up went our legs in double time - only we were all enjoying it.

After all these and the pictures, we all went up the grandstand and the Superintendent gave us his welcome remarks and ended with the statement that this was a new tradition that will take place every year with the Senior Host Class. Virtus gave the response and we all had lunch at the Boodle Bar beside the mess hall (already at ease) We had the Sups Reception that evening with all the Class 41, Class 51, Class 76 and us. Special Class was Class 69 with the Sup. We had cocktails, speeches, food, entertainment and dancing. We managed to come up with a medley of songs as ordered by our mistahs and we sang on stage: Jun Paynor, Teody Viduya, Popop Ocampo, Ariel Domingo, Nap Aquino and myself.

The next day, we attended the Ceremonies for the Alumni Dead at the Alumni Memorial near the Relics Point at 0700. Then we had the registration, Open House, Arrival Honors for GMA and the Alumni Parade that lasted 2 and 1/2 Hours. Most attendance so far- with cars parked all the way fro there to the Relics Point. We of course had special parking at the back of Melchor Hall. Then we had the Picnic at the Mess Hall where we hosted Class 51. Then we had the informal Class Party at night at Caloy Garcia's residence at Cavalry Hill where we almost froze because it was done open air. New President is Caloy Garcia. We retained Vice Presidents for the Services. VP Air Force Boy Castellano; VP Army Totoy Rivera; VP Navy Aris Reyes, VP PNP , I forgot, VP, Next Meeting will be March last week- Testimonials for new promotees and gathering for our children. Before this there will be a small party for Foregn based Mistahs before they depart. Details of these to follow. Dan Francia

3 March 2001

Here's my big thanks to all of you for taking time off your jobs and attending the homecoming activities and class meetings. Matagal na naman akong di makakauwi but I will cherish the fun memories I had with all of you. Congratulations to General Totoy Rivera. Thanks bonk for Abe and the car and to Benjie for being the tour guide. Sa wakas may $10.00 a month increase ka na. But it's not the pay, it's the prestige. Enjoy it bonk, I'm happy for you. The closest I got to a star is the starfish on my shoulders in Mactan. Congratulations also to Gel Molato, the new COO. Kung sa kapampangan, See Who Who. They ain't seen nothin' yet. Di ko nabasa yong interview, ok naman daw, di naman daw fooling. Thanks Lyn for taking care of Gel, ikaw naman yong See He Who. Kung di nagpakilala si Jess Paredes, e, nayari sana ako. I played a lot of jokes on mistahs who didn't recognize me. Sorry, Marte, joke only. Di ako nakilala, isi-sincerely ko na sana, kaya lang very kind si Marte, kaya I introduced myself after playing tackle with him. Tawa ng tawa si Ging. Nag general na rin ba si Danny F? Wala akong narinig before I left.

I just got in today at 9:00 a.m. L.A. time (hindi Legaspi, Albay). I left Manila at 9:15 a.m. After 12 hours flight, I gained 15 minutes. Anyway, Dan F, I'm sure o.k. ka na rin, Congrats too Dan and Arlene. Bob Sacs is now #2 in Subic customs. Ano kaya ang ibig sabihin nuon? #2 sa pan tsi-tsiks, e sinong #1? As far as I am concerned #1 si Bob when it comes to hosting, ok ka kid! Thanks for making our Subic visit enjoyable. Tinulogan ko yong casino, nalasing ako sa red wine. Ok ba yong pili ko Saks, australian reds are one of the bestest. Si Miles, e, biglang sulpot biglang laho. Nasalubong ko si Miles sa parade ground, inabot yong sydney olympics cap, nawala, tapos sa Mess hall, kumain, nawala. Simbilis ng kidlat. Sorry Miles di ko talaga nakilala si Ching. Please extend my apology, nagpa-take hints pa nga sya, tungkol sa kotse ko noon sa LA, di ko talaga naalala. Too late na nong matadaan ko, wala na kayo. Sorry Ching Miles. Mabuti na lang may cellphone at text, napadali ang coordination. Me araw na dalawang oras naming kinuha ang Makati to Q.C. Raffy and Jo, thanks for providing the cellphone, the ride and tent fixing equipments. Made our life a thousand times easier, di nga lang ako marunong mag text. Ang sarap ng breakfast sa Sulu. General Fusilero sir, marami pong salamat, di ko alam na PNP ka na, magaling na Navy ka pa pati. Si Tiboy ang buddy ko sa scuba, sumenyas siya na pindutin ko raw yong button, e, di pinindot. Lumutang si Ferna. But it was exciting down there at 15 feet below. Sa air force kasi, pag nag valsalva kami banayad lang, sa underwater pala e talagang kailangang malakas ang pag-ihip ng hangin palabas sa tenga.

Maraming salamat sir Tiboy, my Philippine Dream was fulfilled, he he he. Extend my regards to Aleilu, bumata ka sir Tiboy, osmosis daw and tawag. Maraming salamat din Romy Dominguez sa pag receive mo sa amin sa Lapulapu, talagang properly. Meron nang welcome sa dingding, me decorative fountain pa. Me karaoke pa at nandoon din sina Remy, Johnnie and Carlos. Okeyng okey mistah, why are you snappy ha? Akala ko umuwi sa Pilipinas si Jimmy, si Cesar pala yon. Nag equalize yong genes nila, they look alike now. Thanks Cesar for being with us in Iloilo and entertaining us in Cebu. I will retell your jokes. Maraming salamat mistah, maraming salamat mistah, maraming salamat mistah. Echo lang yun. Kung kailan naman kami nasa Boracay e tsaka pa bumagyo. Nung magkantahan na kami e umalis yong bagyo. Si Rudy Vasquez ang bagong tuklas na Humperdink ng 71. Sa cool ng boses ni Rudy, umalis yong bagyo. Can't get any cooler than that, sabi nong bagyo kaya umalis. Nong umalis naman si Rudy that morning, bumalik yong bagyo that afternoon.

Thanks also to Malou and the wonderful dinner at Saisaki. Thanks to Daday Garcia and Red. They took care of us in Iloilo, we were sincerely taken cared of. The seafood was fresh, may suman and the hotel was 5 star. Isipin mong bagyuhin ka mulang Kalibo hanggang Iloilo. Me baha na, me kidlat at kulog pa for effect. Tunay talaga. The last time that happened to me was in a C-47, 30 minutes weather lang, e ito e 5 hours. That made it all the more exciting. Also, big thangs to you Caloy. Rotting lang ako sa paakyat doon sa bahay mo sa Baguio. Palagyan mo nga ng cable car pre. I saw Red Cap at the parade ground and at BCC. Bumata si Red, osmosis nga ba yon? Wala sya sa Iloilo, but nandoon sya in sprit. Red din kaya ang spirit ni Red? Caste, maraming salamat sa wall clock na ibinigay mo. Me pirma pa, di ko mabasa ilonggo e. Also, thanks, for accomodating us in air force one. Tuwang tuwa tong mga anak ko. Ang nasa isip nila e talang 747, di ko na binawi. Maraming salamat mistah and to Barry, sa uulitin. Actually parang 747 talaga yong treatment mo sa amin, me ensemada pa. What more can you ask, steam rice? Maraming salamat Egay sa pag host mo ng party. Mapasayaw tuloy ako, maganda kasi yong DI, dating ilokano. Maraming salamat Oca for hosting the dinner. Thanks Jinggoy for entertaining the mistys. Maraming salamat Yari and Chit for taking me to the airport and seeing me off. Sana makabalik ka sa PAL and magkita ulit tayo sa LAX. Maraming salamat Tito and the whole air force group for the dinner, brandy and karaoke at the club.

Thanks Beloy, Navids, bronkito Jimmy, Popop for being there, buti na lang wala kayo sa kantahan. napaaga sana ang alis ko. Thanks for the gift Bert Sillo. Ano nga ba yon, di ko pa nabubuksan, palagay ko, 71 mug, ma-inspek nga. Thanks Jun P at nandoon ka. Nagkasama tayong muli. Pag napasyal ka naman ka sa States e paki tawagan naman kami rito sa So Cal. We are very proud of you, Mr. ambassador sir. Thanks Volts and Marie for taking us to Ed Manaay. Masaya ako nung makita ko si Ed, alam kong masaya rin sya. Tanong ko ke Ed "anong company mo sa PMA". Sumagot sya "Bhaaabhooo". Ibig sabihin alert yong mind nya, nahihirapan lang mag respond. Sabi ko si EB to, ang saya ng muhka nya. Nagkita kami ni Soc sa airport, pauwi sya ng Canada, pauwi ako sa States. Dala dala nya yong Matatag 71 hat. Yong hat ko e inimpake ko sa maleta, para pag nakita sa x-ray e, lusut na sa customs, 71 yata yan. Maraming salamat Alex for driving us to Le Coq para ipa-ayos yong pantalon ko. Masikip ng 2 inches, mali yong sukat na nakuha. Okey na, also, nakuha ko rin yong barong tagalog na pinagawa ko. Tinackle ko si Alex, gulat nya, sino nga ba tong pa alex-alex sa akin. Si pirna lang pala. Thanks for the coffee at your office.

Thanks Greg for attending, akala ko di ka darating. Hinanap din kita sa Cebu, balita ko madalas kang mangompanya sa probinsya ko. Thanks Mel and Hazel for being with us sa lahat ng lakad. Alam nyo di kami nagkasama ng lakaran ni Mel simulang graduation, ngayon lang. Masaya ako. Mabuti at o.k. na si Dong. Sayang di ko na sya nadalaw bago umalis. Pagaling ka bonk. I will pray for your immediate recovery. Thanks for the invitation DA, Nelson, Bugsy. Sorry kulang sa panahon e. Next time ulit kung meron pa. Huwag kayong madadala'. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat, Rey Alcasid, Ernie Lumang, Jerry Albano, Paya, Atot, Dick, Vic and Nene, Obet, Paby, Moling Paredes, Garic RC, MM, Temyong, Gatz (sipul), tokayong Ferna, Teody Viduys. Bumata rin si Viduys, osmosis din ba to? Si Johnnie Velasco, ngayon ko lang nakita since graduation. Ang galing mo Johnnie, nakilala mo agad ako. Baka naman nagtanong ka muna. Alam kong marami akong nalimutang banggitin, pasensya na mga mistah, teka, iinom muna ako ng gingko biloba, para maalala ko. Yong mag states based e given na yon. Nagkikita kami rito. Masaya ako at nakita ko kayong lahat. Kailan na naman kaya. Ah, tsaka na natin pagusapan yan, ayon sa aking e-source e, pag presidente na si.....sino kaya?...till then my dear classmates, it is something to look forward to, till then. Ernie Ferna

16 Aug 2001

Last night, the Class was honored with a dinner by GMA at the Malacañang Palace. It was an unstructured meeting. After a brief or not too long prayer led by Pastor Pabuayon, dinner was served. After almost forty minutes eating and bollahizing, the host went around to each table to exchange pleasantries and discuss random thoughts and topics with the Matatags. The big table was the group of the class org members headed by CF. Medyo serious ang usapan. Bihira lang ang tawanan. The first table she visited was our table. She was given a special seat between Al Dagudag and myself. I quickly introduced the members present starting with the upcoming Colonels (Ernie Lumang, Alex Lasan and Marte Chioco) then to the Generals (Rey Alcasid, Rudy Vasquez, Al Dagudag, Bong Ebuen, and Cesar Gopilan.

I wish I brough along a tape recorder but I remember the topics we talked about were economic development in Cotabato, Basilan, and Lanao with emphasis on school building constructioon projects given to TCE, ASG, aircraft maintenance and peso-dollar rate. I would say the encounter in our group was very light. She was able to finish 2/3 the cake served her. The second table visited was the group of Romy, Rey Acop, Twiggy, and Tito - mistahng may mga live cases, pero kasama naman ang abogadoa nila (Rex Piad). No chance to monitor what they talked about, what we observed, as usual sabi ng mga iba, Rey Velasco was always talking. She already transferred to the next table, but she returned again to the second table, this time time talking with Rey Acop---sa kaso kaya niya? Seated on the third table were mostly the upcoming generals, Pop, Ed, Art, and Gatz. BGEN Boysie Braganza, the Senior Military Assistant, was sighted in that table.

I noticed Rolly Garcia was directed to transfer from the fourth table to the third to probably lead the discussion. Sana pinagusapan ang mga assignment at possible appoinments nila? Pop, can you add? Sa fourth table where Bobby N., Egay, Virtus, etc. were seated, we observed to be the laughingest. Curiously, they were repaorted talking about some ERAP Jokes. Ohe last table visited, Bobby, can you share us what transpired in your group. Looks like Amb. Jun Paynor was leading the interaction. Mukhang tahimik si Ben Cabagnot. Di ba kumagat ang mga jokes at stories niya? Fifty-one mistah attended this first eye-ball-to eye ball meeting with GMA. The following were present, arranged by groups in alphabetical order: BIRC GROUP 1. Volts Espejo 2. Tito Legaspi 3. Gel Molato 4. Bobby(Not Laciste or Sacramento) 5. Pabuayon 6. Obet Pagdanganan 7. Jess Paredes 8. Ted Runes 9. Bobby(Not Navida or Laciste) 10. Jun Paynor PA GROUP 1. Jerry Albano 2. Rey Alcasid 3. Marte Chioco 4. Al Dagudag 5. Romy Dominguez 6. Caloy Garcia 7. Cesar G. (Not Jaime) 8. Alex Lasan 9. Ernie Lumang 10. Totoy Rivera 11. Dong Tabamo 12. Rudy Vasquez 13. Levy Zamora PAF GROUP 1. Jaime Canatoy 2. Bong Ebuen 3. Ed Elona 4. Nelson Eslao 5. Edwin Galzote 6. Art Lim 7. Pop-Pop Ocampo 8. Bert Sillona PN GROUP 1. Ben Domingo 2. Aris De Los Reyes PNP GROUP 1. Rey Acop 2. Egay Aglipay 3. Joe Ayap 4. Vic Batac 5. Ruben Cabagnot 6. Cutes Cataluña 7. Jimmy de la Cruz 8. DA Domingo 9. Tiboy Fusilero 10. Rolly Garcia 11. Virtus Gil 12. Joey Lalisan 13. Rex Piad 14. Rey Velasco 15. Teoddy Viduya 16. Twiggy Zubia FBM GROUP 1. Bobby (Not Sacramento or Navida) This interaction with GMA was a very fruitful and wholesome. At least we were able to savor the style of leadership of the top government offfical of the land, very holistic and systematic. We are in good hands, pare ko! Saludo tayo sa mga nagplano at nagexecute: Totoy and Alex. Tumulong ba si Vic B.? Other members of the forum who have additional comments to share, please do so. You are now on the line.... Volts Class Secretary

25 August 2001

Last August 25-26, eight (8) matatags all foreign based, plus 2 Philippine based, held the biggest gathering yet of PMA '71 in a foreign land. According to Archie, it was also the biggest gathering of Alfans and First Battalion bugo bugos. Four from Los Angeles led by Ebee Fernandez, Ariel Domingo, Stan David, and Ed Maranon and one from Florida (Bobby Laciste) flew from Los Angeles via Southwest Airline arriving at 11:10 am. San Francisco group (Archie Almario, Ruben Gange, and Rolly Malinis) met them at San Jose International Airport. From there on, the group proceeded to Woodfin Suite Hotel at Emeryville, CA.

The LA group occupied a spacious 2-room suite joined by the SFO squatters. We loaded a van owned and driven by Genz brother George. Then the fun started on. We went strolling to the Fisherman's Wharf till 2:30 and took our lunch at Francisca Restaurant. It took us up to 5:20 to finish lunch with all the jokes and reminisces of our cadet days. By 5:30 Ebee insisted on riding a cruise around San Francisco Bay especially at Alcatraz. From there, we went to Golden Gate Vista view and Sausalito. Every stop, we never run out of things to bolahize and reminisce from summer camp to graduation and after. After a long drive, we went back to the hotel and there started the beer busting and of course another round and another of bolahazing. Finally, Ariel looked for food and we went out to look for open restaurant at Jack Landon Square. We never found an open one so we drove to Chinatown and luckily one Chinese restaurant was still open. That was a very sumptuous meal.

Back at the hotel, we continued the endless talk. Almost everybody was a little bit tired and thought it would be the end of the day. At this time though, Bobby Sacramento came in. Bobby and Menchu were also billeted at the same hotel. With a fresh conversationalist, the talk lasted till 4:00 am. We woke up at 7:00 am though and took our breakfast. The group then, in two vans decided to surprise Jack Tan at Fremont, who was on vacation at the Bay area. Another round of Kodakan with the group complete was hurriedly done. The LA group realized they would be late so they hurriedly left. In a hurry, Bobby, Menchu, and me were left with no good guide in going to San Francisco International Airport for Bobby/Menchu's flight. After being lost for a little time though, we reached the Airport. This report would not be complete though without acknowledging the super-generosity of Gov Ebee Fernandez. The gathering would not have been possible without him. Next time, Stan and myself thought of pushing for "Ernie for President". Ariel and other LA group and Bobby L were a big plus. Genz brother George and Ruben were a big help and hence acknowledged here too. Archie took extra time out to buy the beer/pulutan provision. (Rolly M)

6 Dec 2001

The Securities and Exchange Commission has recently approved our application for Incorporation. Details are as follows: 1. Official Name: Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 1971 Inc. 2. Acronym: PMA Class of 1971 or Matatag 1971 3. Corporate Term: 50 years, effective December 7, 2001 4. Initial Office Address: 7734 Rosewood Street, Marcelo Green Village, Parañaque City, Philippines 5. Contact Numbers: (02) 821-2350 (Tel/Fax); 0917-431-4175 (Cell) 6. Email Address: pmac1971@y... A membership committee will soon be designated to process all nominations for membership prior to the approval of the Board of Trustees (Sec 2, Art VI).

9 Dec 2001

There were actually 43 members who attended our Christmas Party--one number was missing. Here is the list based on the registration folder. 1. Dick & Family plus 5 grandchildren 2. Aris & Family 3. Caloy & Family 4. Volts & Family 5. Cesar Pabuayon & Family 6. Totoy Rivera & Family 7. Obet Pagdanganan (Susan is attending another event. Somebody kept your exchange gift.) 8. Dan Francia & Family 9. JB Ramos (gift lang ang dumating. exchange gift mo na kay _____? 10. Jimmy Canatoy & Family 11. Ted Runes (Wala ng Coca Cola door prizes magmula noong malaman niyang makaka receive siya ng Service Award.) 12. DA Domingo & Family (may future yong 12 years old girl niya sa singing. buti na lang di nagmana sa Tatay.) 13. Ernie Lumang (wala akong nakitang kasama) 14. Manny Domingo & Family 15. Ging Cagurangan (alone) 16. Cesar Ibo & Family 17. Jess Paredes 18. Gel Molato & Family 19. Rex Piad (problema kung sinong family ang dadalhin, authorize naman sa religion niyang bago.) 20. Art Lim & Family (the biggest delegation, marami na ring apo) 21. Ben Domingo & Family 22. Twiggy Zubia & Family 23. Boy Castellano & Family 24. Virtus Gill & Family (malapit na ring magkapo) 25. Narcing Abaya & Family 26. Tito Legaspi & Family (may bagong racket, aircon servicing. OK ang presyo. Di siguradong aandar pa after servicing.) 27. Mel Acosta & Family (lumiiit na ang tiyan) 28. Efren Fernandez (nakaformal, umalis kaagad) 29. Egay Aglipay & Family 30. Vic Batac & Family 31. Rudy Vasquez & Family 32. Reynaldo Velasco & Family 33. Bing Alano (alone) 34. Cesar Gopilan & Family (may apo na rin) 35. Rolly Garcia & Family 36. Edwin Galzote & No Family 37. Rey Alcasid & Family 38. Marte Chioco (may anak na rin) 39. Atot Paredes & Family 40. Bert Sillona & Family 41. Jerry Albano & Family 42. Tessie Paynor (representing the Ambassador. siya ang nanalo ng P10,000 cash gift from Gringo) 43. Huoy Tabanda & Family Ging, kahit wala si Bugsy mukhang may magandang usapan sa table ninyo. Can you share us?

Looks like the most common alibi in not attenting this class affair is conflict of schedule. Others say that hindi raw kasama ang Family sa formal invitation (Aris/Totoy, take note). Others are avoiding the serious collection efforts of Aris (mistah, kailan ba titigil itong almost daily update mo ng Class Funds status?) Ping and Gringo, sabi ni Caloy kaming Class Officers na lang pupunta sa offices ninyo para magkape at ibigay yong awards ninyo. Si Aris kasama rin! KUDOS TO ALL THE COORDINATORS HEADED BY DICK DE LEON FOR A JOB WELL DONE! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Volts Espejo/Class Secretary

9 Dec 2001

PMA 1971 Matatag Awardees  For Year 2001 

The traditional annual Christmas Party was held last 09 December 2001 at the Main Ballroom, QC Sports Complex, E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Quezon City. Forty-three members with their families attended the affair. One of the highlights of this activity was the giving of awards to deserving members of the class. As recommended by the Class Committee on Awards, the following were this year's recipients:



Achievement Awards:
1. Senator Gregorio Honasan
2. Senator Panfilo Lacson
3. Angelo Molato
4. Amb. Marciano Paynor, Jr.
5. Atty. Zosimo Paredes II

Service Awards:
1. Socrates Brazal
2. Ernesto Fernandez
3. Virtus Gil
4. Rolando Malinis
5. Teodoro Runes

Testimonial Awards:
1. Panfilo Lacson
2. Rex Piad
3. Narciso Abaya
4. Edgardo Aglipay
5. Ricardo de Leon
6. Ariston de Los Reyes
7. Hercules Cataluña
8. Efren Fernandez
9. Jaime Canatoy
10. Cicero Castellano
11. Ruben Domingo
12. Neon Ebuen
13. Nelson Eslao
14. Danilo Augusto Francia
15. Rolando Garcia
16. Virtus Gil
17. Reynor Gonzales
18. Cesar Gopilan
19. Eduardo Mana-ay
20. Eduardo Matillano
21. Eduardo Purificacion, Jr.
22. Reynaldo Rivera
23. Lamberto Sillona
24. Joaquin Tan

Recognition Award:
Rogelio Regalado

24 May 2002

Thirty-one years after graduating from their Alma Mater, members of PMA "Matatag" Class 1971 went back home on 24 May 2002 to pay homage to the country's premier military institution. The class MAJOR GENERAL CARLOS F GARCIA AFP. Arrival honors was rendered to the Class led by POLICE DIR RICARDO F DE LEON PNP, who represented the Class President. Immediately after this, members of the class, their ladies, and other guests proceeded to Melchor Hall for the inaguration of Model Classroom '71. MGEN CARLOS F GARCIA AFP unveiled the classroom marker. He was assisted by BGEN EDILBERTO P ADAN, the PMA Superintendent. Model Classroom '71, located at the second floor of Melchor Hall, is equipped with modern training equipment capable of accommodating 60 cadets. Further, it is designed to enhance the teaching-learning environment in order to make it more responsive to the modern trends of education for the cadets.

Later that morning the Parade and Review in honor of the class, 11 members were recognized for their significant contribution in their respective field of expertise. The recipients of PMA Achievement Award were RADM RUBEN G DOMINGO AFP; POLICE DIR RICARDO F DE LEON; POLICE DIR VIRUTS V GIL; BGEN NELSON G ESLAO AFP; BGEN ARCADIO L SERON AFP; BGEN LAMBERTO B SILLONA AFP; POLICE CHIEF SUPT EDUARDO S MATILLANO; POLICE CHIEF SUPT RENATO M PAREDES; POLICE CHIEF SUPT DOMINADOR A DOMINGO; BGEN DIOSDADO D TABAMO AFP; and POLICE CHIEF SUPT ROLANDO C GARCIA. The award, which is given to deserving alumni, is expected to serve as an inspiration and encouragement not only to the cadets buT to to other alumni as well. Other members of the class who were present include RADM ARISTON DE LOS REYES AFP; VOLTAIRE ESPEJO; ERNESTO FERNANDEZ, ANGELO MOLATO; CESAR PABUAYON, HOUY TABANDA, along with Associate members, BGEN EDUARDO L PURIFICACION JR AFP and COLONEL TADEO G CLARAVALL, who are both assigned in the Academy. The Class' visit culminated with a lunch with the cadets at the Yap Hall where mementos were likewise presented. During the mess, the MGEN CARLOS F GARCIA AFP, the Class President, delivered an inspirational talk to the CCAFP motivating each cadet to strive for excellence and military leadership. Living up to its class name "Matatag", the class has indeed proven that despite the long years and the branch of service that might have separated each of the members, there is one thing that shall always bring them as one and that is their loyalty to their beloved Alma Mater - the Philippine Military Academy. The Model Classroom'71 shall serve as their significant contribution and legacy to the Academy and the generations of future PMA cadets. (Report by Volts Espejo, Class Secretary)

14 June 2002

The was formally set-up. From the old

21 Sept 2002

ESTABLISHMENT OF COMMITTEES (PMAC71 Resolution No. 2002-3) RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees hereby establishes the following standing committees, with their respective functions pursuant to Article VI, By-Laws, PMA Class of 1971, Inc.:

1. Executive Committee: To act in between meetings of the Board of Trustees, on urgent matters requiring Board action, subject to the confirmation by the Board of Trustees,

2. Membership Committee: To process all nominations for membership prior to the approval of the Board of Trustees as well as look into complaints and derogatory information against any member and shall make appropriate recommendation thereof.

3. Finance Committee: To prepare, within 30 days from its organization, an annual budget of estimated income and expenses for the current year, for approval of the Board of Trustees. This committee shall have general supervision over the finances and properties of PMA Class of 1971, Inc.

4. Awards Committee: To conduct an extensive search for the recipients of class awards.

5. Class Affairs Committee: To plan, prepare, and undertake activities in pursuit of the activities of PMA Class of 1971 Inc. and upon the direction of the Board of Trustees. RESOLVED FURTHER, that such Committees shall consist of the following members: 1. Executive Committee: ZOSIMO PAREDES - Chairman REX PIAD - Member ARISTON DE LOS REYES - Member VOLTAIRE ESPEJO - Member ANGELO MOLATO - Member 2. Membership Committee: VIRTUS GIL - Chairman MANUEL DOMINGO - Member PROSPERO OCAMPO - Member JOAQUIN TAN - Member RODOLFO VASQUEZ - Member 3. Finance Committee: ARISTON DE LOS REYES - Chairman EDGAR AGLIPAY - Member CESAR CECILIO IBO - Member ARTEMIO LIM - Member 4. Awards Committee: LAMBERTO SILLONA - Chairman DOMINADOR DOMINGO - Member DANILO FRANCIA - Member DIOSDADO TABAMO - Member ED PURIFICACION, JR. - Member 5. Class Affairs Committee: OSCAR LEGASPI - Chairman DANILO BELONIA - Member TADEO CLARAVALL - Member CESAR GOPILAN - Member JOSE LALISAN - Member EDUARDO MATILLANO - Member OBET PAGDANGANAN - Member

RESOLVED FURTHER, that any actions taken by such committee members prior to the date of the foregoing resolution adopted hereby that are within the authority conferred thereby are hereby ratified, confirmed, and approved as the acts and deeds of this organization.

APPROVED by the Board of Trustees of the PMA Class of 1971, Inc. during its regular meeting on 21 September 2002 at OJ6 Conference Room, Bulwagang Valdez, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Sgd CARLOS GARCIA Chairman/President Attested By: Sgd VOLTAIRE ESPEJO Class Secretary

21 Sept 2002

CLASS OFFICERS OF PMA CLASS OF 1971, INC. (PMAC71 Resolution No. 2002-2) RESOLVED, that during the meeting of the Board of Trustees on 29 April 2002, the following shall be designated as Class Officers of PMA Class of 1971, Inc.. for a period of two (2) consecutive years, whose duties are prescribed in Article V, By-Laws, PMA Class of 1971, Inc.: NAME DESIGNATION GARCIA, CARLOS President PAREDES, ZOSIMO Senior Vice-President LEON, RICARDO DE VP, PNP Sector VASQUEZ, RODOLFO VP, PA Chapter, Military Sector CASTELLANO, CICERO VP, PAF Chapter, Military Sector DOMINGO, RUBEN VP, PN Chapter, Military Sector PERICO, DANILO VP, Foreign-Based Chapter, Civilian Sector MOLATO, ANGELO VP, Philippine-Based Chapter, Civilian Sector NAVIDA, ROBERTO VP, Public Service Chapter, Civilian Sector ESPEJO, VOLTAIRE Secretary REYES, ARISTON DE LOS Treasurer LIM, ARTEMIO Auditor PURIFICACION, EDUARDO JR. Press Relations Officer IBO, CESAR CECILIO Business Manager MALINIS, ROLANDO Class Historian LEGASPI, OSCAR Special Events/Activities Officer CLARAVALL, TADEO Sergeant-at-Arms

RESOLVED, that the above-mentioned officers are, and each acting alone is, hereby authorized to do and perform any and all such acts, including execution of any and all documents and certificates, as such officers shall deem necessary or advisable, to carry out the purposes and intent of the foregoing resolutions. RESOLVED FURTHER, that any actions taken by such Officers prior to the date of the foregoing resolution adopted hereby that are within the authority conferred thereby are hereby ratified, confirmed, and approved as the acts and deeds of this organization. APPROVED by the Board of Trustees of the PMA Class of 1971, Inc. during its regular meeting on 21 September 2002 at OJ6 Conference Room, Bulwagang Valdez, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Sgd CARLOS GARCIA Chairman/President Attested By: Sgd VOLTAIRE ESPEJO Class Secretary

21 Sept 2002


RESOLVED, that in order to provide continuity in the management of the affairs and business of the new organization of PMA Class of 1971, the following shall compose the interim Board of Trustees, subject to the ratification of the General Assembly, pursuant to Article IV, By-Laws, PMA Class of 1971, Inc.: GARCIA, CARLOS Chairman CASTELLANO, CICERO Member DOMINGO, RUBEN Member ESPEJO, VOLTAIRE Member GARCIA, ROLANDO Member LEON, RICARDO DE Member LIM, ARTEMIO Member MOLATO, ANGELO Member NAVIDA, ROBERTO Member PAREDES, ZOSIMO Member PIAD, REX Member REYES, ARISTON DE LOS Member RIVERA, REYNALDO Member SILLONA, LAMBERTO Member VELASCO, REYNALDO Member

RESOLVED FURTHER, that any actions taken by such Board members prior to the date of the foregoing resolution adopted hereby that are within the authority conferred thereby are hereby ratified, confirmed, and approved as the acts and deeds of this organization. APPROVED by the Board of Trustees of the PMA Class of 1971, Inc. during its regular meeting on 21 September 2002 at OJ6 Conference Room, Bulwagang Valdez, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Sgd CARLOS GARCIA Chairman Attested By: Sgd VOLTAIRE ESPEJO Class Secretary

7 Oct 2002

This was the day the Class History feature was installed on the PMA 71 Online Directory.

8 Oct 2002

109 graduated in March 28, 1971 although one (1) joined our Creator just before graduation due to LEUKEMIA. Deceased MATATAGs is 11 and they are Willy Tapia, Frank Brawner (Army), Nonito Dallo (Army), Ambet Costales (Navy), Rey Doria (Air Force), Tates Nartatez (Air Force), Nolan Ramos (Air Force), Jun Sarmenta (Air Force), Benjie Casabar (PC), Edwin Cuenco (PC), and Tony Duran PC). Two (2) foreign Academy graduates joined the class namely Maj Gen Narsing Abaya from West Point and former Customs Commissioner Bing Alano from USNA, Annapolis.

Today the actual strength of the Class is unknown since there are inactive adopted members not attending Class activities (pati regular members di nga uma-attend) and some of their whereabouts are unknown (Nakalimutan na nga kung sino-sino sila). The most active among the adopted members are Al-Tetet Dagudag and Obet-Susan Pagdanganan. As of this time, the class has produced a total of 43 Generals (to include 4 associate members). In the ARMY, 16 are still in the active service having 11 generals (Narsing Abaya, Rey Alcasid, Al Dagudag, Romy Dominguez, Caloy Garcia, Cesar Gopilan, Ernie Lumang, Rey Rivera, Dong TabamoRudy Vasquez, Ed Purificacion) with 4 in waiting (Levy Zamora, Alex Lasan, Jerry Albano, Tady Claravall). There are 5 foreign based MATATAGs namely; Estan David, Rolly Degracia, Doy Francisco, and Ruben Gange excluding of course Ging Cagurangan and Bob Sacramento who still enjoy the company of Filipinos in Cavite and Subic, respectively. Most distinguished Army member of the class is Senator Gringo Honasan.

Of the 10 that joined the NAVY, only three (3) remain in the active service with 100% holding star rank and they are Aris de los Reyes, Ruben Domingo and Jack Tan. Aris Delos Reyes is recently promoted to Rear Admiral and holding the position of Vice-Commander PN. In about a year, one of them is expected to hold the reins of the PN. Wency Cruz is still with Ayala. There are four (4) foreign based namely; Archie Almario, Soc Brazal, Jun Fabros and Bob Laciste. In limbo are the looks of Cesar Pabuayon and Pewee Peralta.

The AIR FORCE has only 11 active service members (out of the 38?) with six (8) generals namely; James Canatoy, Bert Sillona, Boy Castellano, Bong Ebuen, Ralph Flores, Danny Francia, Nelson Eslao, and Bay Seron. They have the most number of foreign based Mistahs numbering 9 with the looks of Edwin Abello, Tex Balmaceda, Danny Belonia, Philip Espejo, Ernie Fernandez, Rolly Malinis, Ed Maranon, Miles Millena and Dan Perico. Members who have been unseen for quite sometime are Narsing Dauz (Manager of Valley Golf Club in Antipolo), Bobby Navida, Manny Resplandor and Nick Varona.

The PNP has the most number remaining in the active service totaling 21 (of 33?) , Ping Lacson held the highest 4-star rank. Rex Piad, Egay Aglipay, and Rey Velasco hold the highest rank (3 stars), eight (8) hold two-star ranks namely Rey Acop, Dick De Leon, Joey Lalisan, Vic Batac, Cata Cataluna, Jimmy de la Cruz, Efren Fernandez, and Virtus Gil. Sixteen (10) are 1-star and they are Joe Ayap, Ben Cabagnot, DA Domingo, Tiboy Fusilero, Rolly Garcia, Ed Matillano, Ed Mana-ay, Reynor Gonzales, Atot Paredes, and Twiggy Zubia. Ping Lacson, who once held the highest rank (4 stars) in the service, is now a Senator together with Greg Honasan. Fines Finones whereabouts is a mystery. Teody Viduya is unsure of his star-rank fate in the service. Enjoying their stay abroad are Jun Paynor, who is now Consul-General at Losa Angeles, California, and Ariel Domingo.

8 Oct 2002

The class has also produced at least 263 children (reported ones only) and at least 7 grandchildren. The big number of matatag family is still increasing.

7 Dec 2002

7 December 2002 at AFPCOC
Camp Aguinaldo, QC

ROBERTO PAGDANGANAN - as Governor of Bulacan and presently as
Presidential Adviser on Cooperatives.
MGen ROMEO B DOMINGUEZ - for his special/distinct
contribution as designer of the PMA Class of 1971 (MATATAG)
Police Deputy Director General VIRTUS V GIL
Col MARCELINO Q MALAJACAN - - for more than 30 years of
dedicated military service.

Retired 2002:
Atot Paredes - 09/30
Rex Piad - 09/29
Bert Sillona - 08/24
Marte Chioco - 03/15
Arpee Santos - 08/19
Raffy Galvez - 12/30

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