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8 April 2003

Finally, Narsing broke the ping pong successions of 69's and 70's to reach the boyhood dream of every alumnus: To be Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. President Arroyo promoted him to General (4 stars) on the same day. Akala ko, masisilat pa considering what happened to another Matatag, Aris, to the FOIC position in the Navy. Di bale, Aris, we'll see what will happen come May 2004. There were about 20 members of Barangay 71 and their ladies who attended to show solid support for Narsing and Susan.

15 June 2003
PMA Class 1971 Class Call (3rd Qtr, CY 2003)

Last Three Miles The PMA Class 1971 Inc Board of Trustees and Class Officers under the leadership of El Presidente Caloy Garcia, met to prepare the class, as an organization, to life after the last of its member "graduates" from the active service. As a result of this meeting, there is a list of proposed amendments to the Class Constitution and By-Laws to make the organization more flexible and adaptable to civilian life for approval by the general membership. In addition, the Class will embark on a series of fund-raising campaigns to finance its various civic and charitable activities. "It's about time, " according to Dick De Leon, "that the class raise funds. We haven't done so yet as a class."

At present, the organization subsidizes its activities through class dues, interest earnings, and generous donations from its more affluent members. Those who pledged to donate while in the active service but now retired are still welcome to make good their promises at a discount, of course! The active inactive and inactive active Matatags are totally immersed in the (presidency) campaign trail of one of its most illustrious members, Ping Lacson. Hopefully, we can make a difference come May 2004. Army Group In 2nd quarter, the PMAAA Inc. gave a testimonial dinner in honor of Narcing Abaya for achieving the boyhood dream of every hardcore military professional - The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Due to confusion (There was another testimonial for Narcing planned by the Class but twice cancelled), six Matatags were able to de-confuse themselves and attended (Caloy, Boy Caste, Aris, Tito, Bay Ibs, Doy).

According to our mole in GHQ, the Matatag field commanders and (major) staff wanted to attend but were advised to stay put. Two Army bugs got their 2nd star: Totoy Rivera and Dong Tabamo. We lately confirmed that Romy Dominguez now has a son when we he confessd that his only daughter, Lyra got married sometime last May 03. (It was attended by personalities on the opposite side of the fence, a truly unifying event. Suggest DELETE as other MISTAHS were not invited). We hope that Romy get his 3rd star so that the Class Testimonial can be held and later on take over as CG, PA. We can dream, can't we? No change in the morning report as of the last class call for the other Army bugs.

Air Force Group Two Air Force bugs got their 1st star finally: Ed Elona and Gatz Galzote while three got their 2nd star: Bong Ebuen, Ralph Flores, and Bay Seron. Nilda Sarmenta got a son, too when her daughter, Catherine got married. (at the ___) No change in the morning report as of the last class call for the other Air Force bugs. Navy Group One third of the Navy bugs still in active service got promoted: Jack Tan got his 2nd star. So, there are already three Rear Admirals. We hope one of them goes to the "Front" as FOIC unless another pole-vaulter is running behind them. We can dream, can't we?

PNP Group Teody Viduya finally made it! He is now Chief Superintendent (1 star) while Ed Matillano got his 2nd star. The three Matatag Deputy Director Generals (3 stars) are running neck to neck towards the finish line when Jun Ebdanes retires soon: Egay Aglipay, Rey Velasco, and Virtus Gil. Hopefully, one of them makes it as Director General, PNP. No change in the morning report as of the last class call for the other PNP bugs. Finally Have the active active Matatags losing their steam or just merely maintaining the pace before dashing the final mile? Just remember, Matatags, the armed service is just one playing field. There is a larger one, a major league playing field out there. Let us be one and work what is best not only for the AFP/PNP but for this country.

30 June 2003

2nd Qtr CY 2003. PMA 71 CLASS CALL

We would like to apologize to all MATATAGS for missing out in the last issue of the Cavalier Magazine. For this issue, we want to provide an update on all Matatags but with the space alloted for Class Calls, we will highlight the remaining handful of service-active Mistahs except for some "civilians" whom we thought would be interesting news for the class. NEWS HERE AND THERE The Christmas party (sounds like history already) under the direction of Tito Legaspi (or is it the other way around) was superbly organized by Nilda Sarmenta, Hazel Acosta and Monina Legaspi. The class magnanimously and sincerely thank them for their services, dedication and effort. Everybody had a grand time that evening with the revival music provided by the former Moonstrucks combo (sounds familiar di ba?). As usual, Bugsy Cabagnot provided the entertainment with his BOHOLANON jokes and antiques. We guess this was too much for Jing Cagurangan who was rushed to the hospital that night for chest pains (he still refuses to consult a doctor but now plays "stationary" tennis).

Recent retirees are BGen Ed Purificacion, BGen Jake Malajacan, Col Alex Lasan, Police Director Jimmy de la Cruz, BGen Rudy Vasquez and Col Artemio Lim. Doy Francisco had been visible in all military turnover ceremonies keeping tab and providing moral support to newly designated or retiring MATATAGs. He is now the Class Secretary. FBMs like Jun Fabros, Ernie Ferna, Miles Millena and Dan Perico were recently sighted in the corridors of GHQ, Camp Aguinaldo since Dionet Santiago assumed command as CSAFP. Bay Ibs is busy nowadays as MATATAG Business Manager and in-between brokers deals for FBMs to earn more dollars. Honorable Bobby Navida has been designated, co-terminus with appointing authority, as Assistant Director General of NSC. Rumor is he will be moving soon as head of TESDA. Red Kapunan secures his boss at the Department of Foreign Affairs hoping to succeed the latter maybe in 2004?? Jun Paynor is a working doubly hard as a double agent for the government as Consul-General in Los Angeles, CA, USA and as Presidential Consultant on state visits. Obet Pagdanganan, whom we would like to proudly announce had been a MATATAG member while most of us had still more hair to brag, is now Secretary of the Department of Agrarian Reform.

Now that Senator Ping Lacson has let the cat out of the bag, he should be unconditionally supported by ALL, and we mean ALL MATATAGs, if not ALL PEEMAYERs, in his HIGHEST endeavor because he may still be the 1st PEEMAYER to achieve the position and his/our vision where others have failed. MISTAHs, let us bury the hatchet. ARMY ALL THE WAY: The President has announced the designation of Narsing Abaya as the next Chief of Staff, AFP after silently but aggressively decimating the terrorist groups in SOUTHCOM; Col Jerry Albano is trying hard to keep himself fit as Chief, Special Services of GHQ; MGen Rey Alcasid, CG, 3ID based in Jamindan, Capiz, continues to entertain visitors coming to Bohol and Boracay; Col Tady Claravall chose to remain in Baguio as Dean/Corps of Professors, PMA hoping to bag a star this year; MGen Al Dagudag is Comdr, SOLCOM after resting briefly as Vice Commander, PA; MGen Romy Dominguez did not want to leave Samar but has since been designated as CG, NOLCOM; MGen Caloy Garcia is still managing the resources of the AFP as comptroller but keeps changing his boss (5 CSAFPs and still counting); BGen Cesar Gopi is awaiting assignment from TCE to somewhere in the Visayas area; BGen Ernie Lumang we heard might become the PA Inspector General (sabi nila 2-star position);BGen Rey Rivera after a brief stint at JCSC is now J9, GHQ; BGen Dong Tabamo, who has not moved from his sitting position at J11, may just get his 2nd star before he becomes full time driver to Consul Lulu this December; Col Levy Zamora is deputy brigade commander somewhere in Bicol chasing the skirted-constituents of Sen Greg Honasan. SOARING HIGH WITHOUT WINGS:

The PAF has 8 remaining active members and by yearend shall have only 7 with the retirement of BGen James Canatoy (Air Reserve Command). MGen Boy Caste as J4 is busy trying to support the gargantuan logistics (specially POL) requirements of the AFP with its scant resources; Bong Ebuen as J10 is hopping around the country rallying all the (women) reservists to be prepared for war; Col Ed Elona has taken over the work of Col Pop Ocampo in Villamor as camp commander while Pop moved to Cebu to make our remaining 7?? Hueys fly till 2005; BGen Ralph Flores continues to enjoy the golf course at Clark as Commander, Air Logistics and Support Command; Col Edwin Gatz now heads 570th CTW in Palawan defending it against incursions from the Abu Sayyaf tourists while BGen Bay Seron is now busy convincing students of JCSC that you don't need to study hard to excel in academics. FLOATING 2-STARS

The Navy guys have the highest batting average in everything they do be it in attendance in class activities, payment of membership dues or promotion. Aris de los Reyes is Vice Commander, PN; Ruben Domingo is WESCOM commander, while Jack Tan is PHIL Fleet Commander. They all are now 100% RAdms.

CIVILIAN CHARACTERS The number 2 and 3 of the PNP are PDDG Egay Aglipay and PDDG Virtus Gil for Administration and Operations, respectively. They are closely breathing directly on the necks of Chief Supts Bugsy Cabagnot and DA Domingo; PD Joey Lalisan is Directorate for Personnel with Chief Supt Ikong Viduya (yes, the "last of the Mojicans" finally got his 1-star) as his assistant; PD Cutes Cataluna is with Plans while PD Dick de Leon is with Community Relations; Chief Supt Rolly Garcia is seldom seen in Metro Manila or Baguio being the Regional Director of Region 7; PDDG Rey Velasco is in the daily news reducing the crime rate in Metro Manila while Chief Supt Ed Matillano is with now-you-see-him-now-you-don't CIDG unit. In the meantime, the other PNP "inactive" MATATAGS are hoping to become active by 2004. For the others that we intentionally missed to mention here, it is not that you are insignificant but rather we have been unable to recall your name because Alzheimer is taking its toll.

11 October 2003

11 October 2003
Daza Park, Camp Aguinaldo Quezon City

a. Secretary ROBERTO M PAGDANGANAN - as Secretary of
Agrarian Reform.
b. Senator PANFILO M LACSON -as Director General of the
Philippine National Police.
c. General NARCISO L ABAYA, AFP - as Chief of Staff, Armed
Forces of the Philippines
d. Director General EFREN Q FERNANDEZ -as Director General
of the Dangerous Drugs Board
e. Commissioner BIENVENIDO P ALANO Jr, PhD - as Acting
Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.
f. Assistant Director General ROBERTO R NAVIDA - as
Assistant Director General of the National Security Council
g. WENCESLAO A CRUZ Jr - appointed in various top
management positions in Ayala Corporation, the latest as General
Manager of the Ayala Center Association, Inc
h. Brigadier General JAIME L CANATOY, AFP - as
Governor/Chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross


3. RECOGNITION AWARD - for more than 35 years of dedicated
military service
Colonel ARTEMIO U LIM, PAF (Ret)
Colonel JERRY L ALBANO, PA (Ret)

6 December 2003

6 December 2003
Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City



Retired 2003:
Rudy Vasquez - 02/09
Jim Canatoy - 11/01
Jake Malajacan - 12/12
Jerry Albano - 08/20
Temiong Lim - 03/12
DA Domingo - 10/12
Dong Tabamo - 12/03
Jimmy Dela Cruz - 01/02

14 February 2004
I love going back to PMA. I love to immerse myself in breath-taking vistas of misty mountains and sweet smelling evergreens. I love to be at the parade ground, at the Melchor Hall. I love to touch the sundial. I feel goose bumps each time I pass the guards at the main gate. Beyond this gate are stories to be told. If only these trees could tell my story. They saw me garbed in my prestigious attire, the full dress uniform. If only these stones could say more. They cheered for me as I stomped on them with my combat boots, rifle and full combat gear. Whatever, I love going back for every reason there is to say. Stop now, I am blushing. My right cheek was burning. The UV radiation infused heavily on my tender skin. I turned to the opposite side dreaming that I would get an even tan. My left face was cold. My nose inhaled that the scent of pine. I peeked at my Rolex and it vaguely suggested 9 a.m. Ah, we must be in Baguio now.

After all, we had been on the road for more than 5 hours. Bob Sacs was on the wheels and trying to stay awake by singing with the Everly Brothers. A second voice would have completed the harmony, but my voice wouldn't even start. I adjusted my prescription glasses. Then I saw a pine-shaped car deodorant hanging from the stem of the rear view mirror. The air-con was in full blast. That explained it all. This was not yet Baguio. Watson, wake up! Our first stop was at a restaurant in Villasis, Pangasinan, and this was our usual hide-away. The place was like magnet. It sucked in all PMAyers passing by this way. I saw Pol Lacerna, our former classmate. Déjà vu.

Sometimes, I would wake up in a dream and felt like we were still on our way for the reception 37 years ago. The first gulp of Taster's Choice woke me up. I asked for more salted eggs with tomatoes, an extra scoop of fried rice and binago-ongang baboy. I ate like a horse; after all, this was my first decent meal since I left Guam 14 hours ago. I hated long flights, like the northern route from L.A to Narita. I took the equatorial route passing by Honolulu and Guam. Bob picked me up at the airport last night at 11 p.m. We passed by the house in Cubao to freshen up. After that, I grabbed my parade uniform and threw in a couple of clothing into the valise. There was no time to take a rest; besides, it was daytime in Los Angeles, I couldn't sleep for crying out loud. I had been on the road for more than a day since I hit 71 North at the crack of dawn, and that was two dawns ago. Kennon road brought back vestiges of memories long time gone. For who could forget the waterfalls? It must have just rained. Were these the same sunflowers that carpeted the cliffs and kissing rocks? The curves and the bends made me hallucinate. Bob negotiated the ascending road at the Lion's Head quite effortlessly. (Mao). It must be the new battery he put on his car. I looked at the left hand side of the road and below the ravine was the famous zig-zag. I could see some houses along the road. There were fewer houses along the road during our time. Well, there were only two families then, now look how many they are.

We hit the summit before noontime as we tried to figure out where to spend the night. We did not have hotel reservations. Our plan was to crash at Nelson's home, if all things failed. Meanwhile, we decided to check out a condotel near the PMA grounds. Nelson with some others prepared this place for all mistahs attending the homecoming tomorrow. The place was located at a site where we first learned how to shoot the caliber .30 M-1, the KDR. Not anymore, this is now Pinesville subdivision and we were looking for Yambao's residence. The security guard at the front gate had no idea where the house was. How do we pick out one house amidst all these structures? "Sir, yellooww ti balai da, ket nalabaga ti bubong", sabi si Roy. Bob knew some of the bystanders. They were his enlisted men when he was assigned at PMA in Tactics Group many years ago. I was able to figure out what the guy was telling us. (My Ilocano roots kicked in). We decided to drive around looking for yellow houses. There were hundreds of them. Then, there was a grocery store at the fork and the owner was very eager to help us. He jumped out of his store and ran to the other side of the road. I had a hard time keeping up with him; I didn't have those Baguio "beans" anymore. "Sir, kita yo ti water tank". I said "when", with a twang. I could tell from the incline of his jaw that he was referring to a very tall object in the sky. His hands were folded over his chest and his lips were articulating the directions. "Sir, take 57 South, 91 West, then, take a right hook on the 605". I said "when", I didn't care, and I got the idea. We rang the doorbell, rattled the iron gates, hollered like coyotes and did every trick in the book to get the owner's attention, but no one answered the door. Apparently, we were one day early for check in. Being one day early was a blessing as far as getting a room at Manor is concerned. The host classes of '74, '79 and 84 had all rooms booked for themselves. However, they needed to check-in the following day yet, so, today was a lucky day for us, and we were able to get a room for the night. I slept after lunch. Bob did some practice shots at the John Hay Golf Club.

Tomorrow, he had to face off with the Academy's top notched players. I heard a couple of players, both from class '72 were the Tiger Woods of the tournament. Beating them was like crossing the English Channel in a straight jacket. Dinner time was uneventful. I had lamb chops and a bottle of merlot by the fireplace in front of the piano player. Why not? After all, our car was blue. I woke up at around 5 a.m. We had breakfast at the golf club. The whole place was slowly filled up with cavaliers who were intent to beat each other's a_s in a golf match. Today is the PMAAAI championship golf tournament. The winner of this contest would be ranked as the crème de la crème by PMA golf aficionados. There were a total of 237 contestants.

Top-notched and wannabes were all there. Our class team was played by Nelson Eslao, Ted Runes, Bob Sacs, Teody Viduya, Boy Caste and Joey Lalisan. Only the best scores of four players in a team were counted. I left the golf club after almost all players had teed off. I returned at around 3 p.m. for the awarding ceremonies. There were hundreds of give-away given away at the raffle. Ted Runes won a small refrigerator. There were a couple of dozen awards given to the outstanding players and outstanding teams. Bob Sacs won an award for having the most number of birdies; 4 all together. Our class team won the Championship award for the Firsties Category, thanks to the outstanding scores of Nelson, Ted, Bob and Teody. The winner for the Overall Champion in the Individual Category was... o say can you see... Bob Sacramento!!! In Oscar parlance, this was the best actor award. This means that he bested all other rated players. I had never seen Bob acting like a cuckoo outside a cuckoo's nest. "Walang mananalo sa akin". I thought he was just dehydrated and hallucinating. I offered him a soda, but he was serious after all, "Talagang walang mananalo sa akin". He was altogether excited. "Swerte ka na sa asawa, swerte ka pa sa golf", that was Menchu's complement after Bob called her in the States. Congratulations Bob. Another Matatag, a level higher than the rest! We closed the bar that night. The stories never ended. I guessed that story-telling (a lie) came together with the territory. I had to look interested. He scored a 34. The runner-up, a member of class '72 had a 33. In US pro golf version, Bob scored a 71 or 2 over par. Now, he would be the man to beat next year.

We knocked at the gate of Yambao's castle at about 10 p.m. I felt like little Jack knocking at the trunk of a giant beanstalk. The caretaker greeted us with enthusiasm. "Sir, 'kala namin awan na nga mag-tsik-in". She tried to exercise her Tagalog amidst an Ilocano motif. Bob and I were the first to check in. The house was huge and tall. The first floor emerged after we climbed a 60-degree concrete staircase. I estimated the height of the ceiling to be 12-foot high. My goodness, Mr. and Mrs. Yambao must be super sized. I prepared myself to hear "Sir, si Mrs. Yambao ho", the cute caretaker introduced her to us. I looked up and saw nothing. I looked down and there she was, lovely and cutely smiling at 4'11". I slept at the room on the 2nd floor. Also, there were 2 vacant rooms in the attic, but you needed a blood pressure machine for the climb. Before I went to bed, I measured the ceiling. It was 11'4" from the floor. Mrs. Yambao must have hired a good feng shui expert. What the... I was inside the restroom at 6 a.m. and she knocked at the bathroom door. I thought I knew what she trying to say, and yet I didn't. Seemingly, the caretaker wanted to turn the water heater on. I told her not to worry. I wanted to reminisce my cadet days when cold water was therapy. I jumped up and down to create heat molecules as the cold water insistently shivered my spine. That was the easy part. The trick was how to move around without knocking your sanamasita on the wall. I had been in a ship's cabin on a cruise, the bathroom was small, but this one was a real challenge.

Virtus was at the Melchor Hall when I came in to register. Gel and I decided to wait for Ping outside the hall. Meanwhile, GMA's entourage arrived. The arrival honors started and finished. Ping was still at the chapel area. We stayed behind while others proceeded to Borromeo field. Shortly, Ping came in. People were flocking over him for pictures. Twiggy was calm, cool and collected as he tried out his best to transport us to Borromeo field with less turmoil. Where did this entire people come from? They all wanted to have pictures with Ping, not I, not Gel nor Twiggy. The ladies were falling all over him. Life's not fair. The staging point for Class 71 was at the left hand side of the grandstand facing the cadet corps in formation. We came down the slope via a staircase on the opposite side. Down on the level ground, we needed to cross the front of the grandstand to get to where we should be. At this point, the audience's attention was at GMA as they were being seated. We tried to surreptitiously pass behind the cavalier's line without catching attention to ourselves. The reverse was true, however. Instantly, we were noticed by the first group of classes gathered there. We created a commotion for ourselves as we negotiated the next 500 yards. I saw elation on everyone's faces as they tried to reach for Ping. They congratulated him and gave him compliments. Even Wykes was smiling. I thought Eddie Adan would pause for one second just to enjoy the jubilation. It was always like that on every homecoming year.

Class 71 always stole the show to the envy of most classes. What could the Lady of Loakan say this time? Surely, she did not snob us. A throng of humanity flooded us even as the ceremony was going on. The taking of pictures never stopped. A brief pause was observed as the colors were lowered and the National Anthem played. The media frenzy never stopped either. I was elbow-to-elbow with sharks. Now I knew how they looked like. Ping was able to extricate himself when we did the traditional trooping of the line. Nevertheless, he was busy waving his hands to calm down the crowd's uproar. We marched off with 26 other classmates to "tackle" the cadet corps. I didn't hear any of the speeches. I had heard enough. "Di ko alam ang kasunod, bonk". I said that as if I was trying to test him whether he would know the next activity. "Lunch daw tayo kina Yambao, e". Ping said that like he'd seen Mrs. Yambao already. He got out of the traffic jam and joined us for lunch. Gel's Ford Expedition followed GMA's caravan. "Di bale, Gel, me award ka naman e". Gel got an award for being a successful business entrepreneur. We arrived early. Boy Caste was handing out gas slips to those driving back. "Para akong Bombay nito", he quipped. Mumbai or not, just give my gas slip. Caste got an award for exemplary contribution to alumni affairs. Nelson had the food catered. We had full breakfast this morning; coffee, mushroom omelet and beef tapa. For a real heart-stopper lunch, we had kare-kare, gulai, crispy hito at inihaw na baboi. There were soda and beer for beverage.

Instant Replay: Cora Malinis, "Uwi na kami sa Martes". (Back to the freeways in NorCal). Malou Garcia "Balik ulit kami sa Cebu" (Punta ako doon). Barrie Castellano "Oy 3 weeks na lang kami". (Caste will retire on March 3). Lyn Molato, "Naka Roco ka pa ha?". (Referring to my Hawaiian shirt). Jinggoy Martinez, "Roco-roco ka?". (A ewan). Benjie Rivera, "Upo ka na rito" (I sat not on her lap, but next to Rey at lunch). Sandy Navida, "Ito ang pinakabunso ng 71". (Referring to her youngest child, not to herself). Esther DA, "Me padala daw si Rochee?" (Wala, sinong me sabi sa yo?) Connie Elona, "Ang tarik pala nito". (The staircase remember?). Lita Gil, "Oy, di mo na ako kilala". (Sorry misstah, dami nyo kasing magaganda rito). Chit Eslao, "Oy, Ernie" (Oy, Chit, tagal na noon a, Cotabato pa). Lulu Runes "Meron ka nyan a, mali ang napili mo" (Ted had the original matching red tie for the class suit). Marilyn Tabanda, "Kasama mo ni Ching?" (Haan, adda trabajo, he, he, he). Lulu Tabamo "Sige, Ernie, c u" (Bye Lulu. Bob and I had to leave early after lunch).

Supporting Cast: Rey Alcasid, Romy Dominguez, Jun Paynor, Ping Lacson, Rolly Malinis, Rolly Garcia, Bob Sacs, FernaEB, Rey Rivera, Oca Martinez, Edgar Elona, Bobby Navida, Ted Runes, Dick DeLeon, Gel Molato, Joey Lalisan, Teody Viduya, Cesar Gopilan, Dong Tabamo, Twiggy Zubia, Boy Castellano, Domingo DA, Lakai Tabanda, Virtus Gil (excused from marching), Nelson Eslao, Jimmy delaCruz, Wency Cruz, Jimmy Canatoy . by FernaEB

10 May 2004

National and local election in the Philippines. Ping Lacson is candidate for president. Atot Paredes is an independent candidate for congressman for province of Ifugao. Efren Fernandez is heard to be an independent candidate for Governor of Aklan (?). Bobby Navida is also candidate for congressman under the Alliance for Democracy (ANAD). In the election, Ping Lacson ranked third among the five presidential candidates.

August 1, 2004
During the last few years, the Class of 1971 of the Philippine Military Academy has generally lost out in most of the major command designations in the armed forces. Lt. Gen. Romeo Dominguez, Class '71, Northern Luzon command (Nolcom) head lost out to Lt. Gen. Efren Abu, Class '72, for the post of Army commander. Vice Adm. Ariston delos Reyes, also of Class '71, was overtaken by Vice Adm. Ernesto de Leon, Class '72 as Flag Officer in Command (FOIC) of the Philippine Navy. In the Air Force, only recently, Lt. Gen. Jose Reyes, Class '73, jumped over Maj. Gen. Edwin Galzote, Class '71, for the premier post at Villamor Airbase. Even the highest position in the AFP, that of Chief of Staff, appears to be out of reach of any member of Class '71, although one might argue that Gen. Narciso Abaya is a member of the class since his name in the Alumni Registry is mentioned with the class.

The class is an interesting study in contrasts. Many of the officers who joined the "Reform the Armed Forces" Movement (RAM) in the struggle against the Marcos dictatorship belonged to this group. Among the more prominent were Gregorio Honasan, Eduardo Kapunan, Oscar Legaspi and Victor Batac. On the other hand, some of the administration stalwarts also belong to the same class, the most notable being Panfilo Lacson who recently lost in a strong bid for the presidency. If he and FPJ had been able to come to some agreement on a united front, we might have seen a different individual delivering the State of the Nation Address at the Batasan last week. From,
A glipay in my crystal ball
Updated 01:10:11 (Mla time) 2004-08-01
By Ramon J. Farolan
Inquirer News Service

Retired 2004:
Cesar Gopilan - 08/12
Ernie Lumang - 12/01
Alex Lasan - 12/21
Tibs Fusilero - 02/06
Joe Ayap - 09/18
Ed Matillano - 11/30
Narsing Abaya - 10/29
Boy Castellano - 03/03
Rey Alcasid - 10/20
Joe Lalisan - 09/09
Bong Ebuen - 12/2

PMA Class 1971 Class Call for Cavalier Magazine (January - February 2005)

The Matatags held its Christmas Party last December 11, 2004 at the AFP Commissioned Officers Club. Instead of the usual exchange gifts, the Class decided to donate foodstuffs and clothes to the victims of the recent typhoons in Real, Quezon. The Class also honored Egay Aglipay for having achieved the highest position in the Philippine National Police. Doy Francisco gave a "roasting" speech that is not really "toasting". It was more or less a highlighting of Egay's qualities as a leader and a military professional. Other honorees for the night were:

Dick De Leon - for his promotion to Deputy Director General, PNP (3-stars)

Aris De Los Reyes - for his appointment as Vice Chief of Staff, AFP (3-stars)

Jess Paredes - for his appointment as Executive Director, Commission on the Visiting Forces/Presidential Assistant, Office of the President (USEC)

Efren Fernandez - for his appointment as Executive Director, Dangerous Drugs Board, Office of the President (USEC)

Bugsy Cabagnot - for his promotion to Police Director, PNP

Egay gave an encouraging speech with regard to the situation of Caloy. He does not favor the move of other Cavaliers to officially disown Caloy from the roster of graduates. Let us give our full moral support to Egay. He gave us light during this dark period of the Matatags. Let us also support Ping as Senator of the Republic in his fight against corruption in government.

Come to think of it, there are Cavaliers languishing in the National Penitentiary for crimes you cannot believe a Peemayer is capable of doing and yet, they are not subjected to this hypocritical movement. There is even a Cavalier convicted of kidnapping and yet was appointed as Assistant Secretary. What can be more hypocritical than that? I guess it depends on how close you are to the powers-that-be.

There were about twenty Matatags with their Mas Matatags and children who graced the affair. The only Balikbayan I saw was Ebee. This guy is really something. He comes back every year just to see us.

Surprise! Surprise! Two long lost brothers attended: Pewee and Manny Resplandor. Where have you been, guys? Welcome back to the fold, brothers!

Despite the apparent concerted action against the Matatags (mga pogi kasi), the more we should unite and support each other even morally. Score is 1 on detention, 3 under investigation. For the Matatags who did not attend the affair, you may have some legitimate reasons for doing so and I hope indifference is not one of them. The Bible instructs us, "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing," says Hebrews 10:25, adding, "but let us encourage one another-and all the more as you see the Day approaching." In other words, when things get tougher, we need each other all the more.

- Doy Francisco, Class PRO

Jan 1- Dec 12, 2005








Sept 10 , 2005

Retired 2005:

Maj Gen Bay Seron – 01/18
CSupt Teody Viduya - 2/02
Rear Adm Jack Tan - 03/11
DirGen Egay Aglipay - 03/13
P/Dir Virtus Gil – 03/14
P/Dir Rey Velasco – 05/22
Maj Gen Edwin Galzote – 06/01
P/Dir Rey Acop – 06/18
BGen Pop Ocampo 06/25
P/Dir Cata Cataluna – 07/23
Maj Gen Rey Rivera – 07/24
P/Dir Dick De Leon – 09/10
Maj Gen Rey Alcasid 10/20
Lt Gen Romy Dominguez – 10/31
P/Dr Rolly Garcia – 12/04
P/Dir Vic Batac – 12/15

Deputy Director General Ricardo De Leon, a member of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class ’71, bows out of the police service after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 56.

After graduating from the PMA, he took the Scout Ranger Course Class 14 and finished top of the class. It was the same unit that played a key role in the recovery of 1,000 M-14 rifles on board the M/V Karagatan in Isabela in 1971.

De Leon is also remembered for escorting the Marcos family to Hawaii during the people power revolt in 1986.

At the age of 44, he was promoted to star rank and become one of the country’s youngest generals. He then went on to hold 18 other various positions at the PNP, among them as director of Cavite PNP, the Central Police District (CPD); PRO 5 and 6, staff positions at Camp Crame, director of the NCRPO and as head of the Philippine Center for Transnational Crimes (PCTC), DCO, DCA and AIDSOTF.

He was a recipient of 96 medals and a numerous citations and commendations of various categories, here and abroad.

Two of the awards he cherishes most are the coveted PMAAA Cavalier Award as Outstanding Military Professional in 1990 when he served as provincial commander of Negros Oriental, and the PoliceCavalier Award for Excellence in Command and Administration in 2004.


2006 Retirees:
RG Domingo 2/14
Aris Delos Reyes 2/16 (last retiree)

On February 16, 2006, the sun had set for the Matatags in the active military/police service. The last salute was executed by Vice Admiral Delos Reyes, the last to retire among the matatags, in behalf of PMA Class 1971. No more donning of snappy military/police white ducks and uniforms. Back to civilian life again. The Matatag story, however, was not destined to end. Not yet! Golden times with spouses, children and now grandchildren were on hold. They would remain committed to continue to work, honor and serve this country and race by being an epitome of a proud and successful Filipino in any undertakings it seeks in.

The mission goes on in another era and arena.

FRIDAY, 17 Feb 2006
Matatags started to trickle in to Elizabeth Hotel where most of the members were billeted. The group of Boyet Runes (Battle of the Classes rep for golf) however, came 1 or 2 days before so that they could prepare and defend their title, whatever that is...Later that evening, we were given the news by Boyet that we were the runner-up. Not bad Boyet except that there were only two classes that were represented or played. Class 70 and 71......%$#@...

The dinner party turned out to be one of the most enjoyable party that we had. Hmmmm, I guess being retired gives you more liberty and freedom to say and do what you could not do before.......

Anyway, there were lots of good food, booze, dancing, picture taking, bolahizing (ano pa nga ba) in between the stand-up comedy of Rolly Garcia, the dancing exhibition of Ave-Eva Cruz and Virtus-Lita Gil, and the rendition of a song by Ave (kaya ka ba umalis sa Academy Ave dahil sayang talent mo???) and Josh Domingo (son of Ariel)....

To the surprise and delight of everyone, the foreign based Matatags, spearheaded by the MasMatatags, gave away graduation pictures, printed t-shirts with individual pics of how we looked 35 years past, and mouse pads with our class crest. Some enterprising Matatags used the mouse pads as car pass the following day to get inside restricted areas and park their vehicles inside Fort del Pilar......Hindi na naka-angal yun mga MP.......

The night of fun had to be cut short dahil baka ma-late for attention call si Ging Cagurangan for the Alumni Parade the following day.....

Again, thanks to the very generous Class Prexy, Dick as well as Annie de Leon, for hosting the dinner.. For info of the members, Dick and Annie hosted quite a handful of Matatag activities during his tenure......

Saturday, Feb 18, 2006
The Alumni who attended this year was not as big as the previous years. by my guess, the number was only about half of what I usually see. Our Class participation however, was pretty much well represented with 37 members reviewing the "long" (I dont think all cadets took part in the parade) gray line...

An election of a new set of Board of Directors was held during lunch graciously hosted by Egay and Mawee Aglipay near Loakan Airport. It was agreed that in as much as all Matatags were already retired from the military service, all cadet companies (3 ea) should be have representatives. Also, the foreign based mistahs should have representatives though 7 would already constitute a quorum during meetings.

Hereunder are the results:

Rey Alcasid
Boy Caste
Rey Rivera

Ruben Domingo - President
Joey Lalisan
Doy Francisco

Aris delos Reyes
Bert Sillona
Ging Cagurangan

Romy Dominguez
Rolly Garcia
Rey Velasco

Ernie Fernandez
Ariel Domingo
Dan Perico

Saturday, Feb 25, 2006
Coup or no coup, red alert or not, resignation or no resignation, the despedida party hosted by the Class in Cafe Villa at the PA Officers Clubhouse pushed thru. Those who signified to attend were advised to bring extra clothes just in case the members were not allowed to go out of camp anymore.. hehehe. Guess the intelligence people had an easier time monitoring and accounting the whereabouts of the Matatags.. ( I gathered Rex Piad was not arrested but went along with his arrested golfing partner Gen Montano)...

The evening unexpectedly turned out to be full of fun and laughter with lots of again food, dancing, picture taking and bolahizing....The ladies had loads of fun doing lots of line dancing believing that this would bring back their shapely figures 35 years past.... And this is for the record..All Matatags present (well, except for Aris and Mel), had some line dancing lessons under the tutelage of ....who else....Eva Cruz. One of the big surprise of the evening was the dance exhibition (well aside from Ave-Eva Cruz and Virtus-Lita Gil of course whom we envy very much) of Dan Perico and ___ (could somebody help me out here kung sino na nga partner nya!!!!!)......Saan ka nag-secret lessons Dan? Kaya ka ba madalas umuwi dito? ...hahahaha, joke lang po!! Happy Birthday pala (28 Feb).

In the 'Name that Bogo-bogo" game concocted by the MasMatatag balikbayans, the ladies present almost had a perfect score until they failed to recognize the looks of 1st Class Cadets Viduya and Cabagnot........The Class would like to thank the foreign based Matatags and MasMatatags for those blowup grad pictures...For those absent that evening, I have some of the unclaimed pictures..

Just before the party broke at way past midnight (I think it was already 0030), Rolly Garcia suggested that a reunion be held at the US in Feb of 2007. He had to eat his words when he initiated a US round trip ticket raffle joke which was followed by pledges from some members present. Those who left early were disqualifed in the raffle.....Sorry po sa inyo.....

Here are the winners of that raffle (economy ticket lang po ha):


Roll and Malou Garcia

Verna Albano

Virtus and Lita Gil

Jing MArtinez

Ariel and Rochee Domingo

Hazel Acosta

Ave and Eva Cruz

Malou Vasquez

Ernie and Ching fernandez

Nina delos Reyes

Danny and Charito perico

Elbe Dominguez

Jun and Tess Paynor

Marmi Sillona

Unknown sponsor c/o Rolly Garcia

Malou Garcia

June 10, 2006

The Board of Trustees (oo naman, buhay na buhay pa) met today and here are some highlights of the meeting:

a. Class Officers:
Ruben Domingo - Chairman/ President
Romy Dominguez - VC and VP PA
Rolly Garcia - VP PNP
Aris delos Reyes - VP PN/ Treasurer (walang kapalit)
Dan Perico - VP Foreign-based Chapter
Rey Rivera - Corp Secretary
Joey Lalisan - Auditor
Rey Alcasid - Business Manager
Doy Francisco - PRO
Rey Velasco - Corp Legal Counsel
Boy Castellano - Chairman, Awards Committee
Ging Cagurangan - Chairman, Membership Committee
Tito Legaspi - Chm, Class Affairs and Special Events Comm
Bert Sillona - Asst Chm Class Affairs & Spl Events Comm
Ariel Domingo - Member, Foreign-based Chapter
Ernesto Fernandez - Member, Foreign-based Chapter

September 9, 2006

Blessing of the 2 rooms at Veterans Memorial Medical Center. We were glad to hear that the renovation of the two adjacent rooms was up to the standard of the MATATAGs including the Mas Matatags.

At a cost of P200,000, the Class was not only able to renovate the 2 rooms but we were able to put in some amenities like a TV set, aircon, chairs, electric fan, water heater pot, and extra bed for a caregiver for each room.

Plans are in the offing to renovate more rooms, individually or thru solicitation from kindhearted and benevolent people...... While we know that some of our FBMs are not entitled to free treatment at VMMC, baka naman gusto nyo mag-sponsor ng isang room. Suggestment lang po naman yun.... Pwede rin isang buong ward para lubos-lubusin nyo na!!!

Many of us may not be aware but we have a Class member who wholeheartedly donated 750 sets of linen even before we planned the room renovation but wants to remain anonymous????

Anyway, on behalf of the VMMC staff, the Acting Director Dr Monina Legaspi would like to express their gratitude to the PMA CLass of 1971..The renovation of the rooms will surely uplift the early recovery of our veterans who get the opportunity to use these facilities...

Representing the class during the turnover and blessing were the following:

Egay and Mawee Aglipay
Rey Alcasid
Ruben Domingo
Artemio Lim
Doy and Baby Francisco
Mel and Hazel Acosta
Boy and Barrie Castellano
Tet Dagudag
Ariston delos Reyes
Nilda Sarmenta
Oscar and Jinggoy Martinez
Tito Legaspi

Sept 10, 2006

As of September 10, 2006, the following Matatags are holding the following government positions:

    Aris De Los Reyes is now the Undersecretary of National Defense.

    Bert Sillona is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Installation and Logistics.

    Egay Aglipay is the President, Philippine Retirement Authority

    Virtus Gil is the Undersecretary of the National Security Council

    Rolly Garicia is the Undersecretary of TransNational Crime.

Sept 14, 2006

BNS Golf Club. Guess who????....... Sino itong MATATAG golf player na when the group was having lunch, napansin that he was already sweating as if he had been sunbathing .... After intensive interrogation by the Battalion Board, he doggedly smiled (ngiti aso) and admitted na naglaro na siya ng 9-holes before everyone arrived dahil ayaw nya daw magbayad kay Cadet Lalisan....masyado ata seryosa manalo sa pustahan ahh...

Atot, you should have joined.. While the 'mga sira ulo' kept following the small balls that they keep hitting all around the AFPOVAI lots of landowners Bert Sillona, the MATATAGS and one MasMatatag updated each other on the whereabouts of people who were not around up to 3pm.... That is more than the 1 hour of bolahizing that you wanted....Sorry na lang duon sa mga hindi nag-attend dahil kayo ang napag-usapan namin (sorry po ha but we couldn't help it)..... Kaya huwag kayo mag-absent next time para di kayo maging-topic..

One result of the fellowship is that every last Thursday of the month, we will have a lunch-golf fellowship (Mga non-golfers, bahala kayo mag-isip ng inyong gimmick)..Someone was tasked to keep reminding dogomons (tama ba spelling?) because someone said that that is how we are supposed to treat RETIRED dumbjohns approaching the age of 60..... (of course some MATATAGS have reached or even gone beyond that magic number).

We ocuppied a long table while having lunch and Dan Beloy asked if anyone noticed that the first comment/greetings coming out from the vocal chords of everyone who passed us was .."What's cooking?" or "Sama ako dyan!".......??????

Lastly, I wish to inform everyone as early as today that our Christmas Party will be on 9 Dec 2006 to be held at the PA Officers Clubhouse, Fort Bonifacio... So please mark that day on your calendars... Any odd suggestions for our activities on this day or any other day so that we as a Class could come together and forget animosities.... After all, sa palagay nyo eh ilang araw, oras, minuto o segundo meron pa tayo nalalabi sa mundo na ito???....Di tayo nakakaseguro nga kung bukas e maaaninag pa natin ang araw di ba?? (Bakit ba biglang naging seryoso eh Christmas party ang topic ko.....)

I would like to repeat my previous request to all MATATAGS that in order for you to receive my tags and announcements, please keep me posted of changes in your e-mail addresses (yung iba hanggang ngayon takot pa rin sa computer!!), contact numbers and most specially cellphones numbers...Kung ayaw nyo naman makatanggap ng notices eh okay lang... we understand..

Lets hear from you otherwise mag-aatrophy ang inyong mga gray matter...

Magandang araw o magandang gabi po sa inyong aking mga kapatid.....

by Rey Rivera (Class secretary).

October 26, 2006

My apologies for not being able to post news, activities or event/s the past few days. Typhoon MILENYO created a lot of destruction (havoc) late last month and fortunately, our telephone-internet service was restored just this week (earlier than others still). Electricity and water became a luxury for the first 3 to 7 days after the typhoon so much so that hotels in Metro Manila were 101% booked (no kidding) during those days..You will be surprised, entertained, aghast to hear the unbelievable MILENYO stories. Millions of trees fell or were uprooted that many streets became unpassable..

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Some PMA Class of 1971 members have again been implicated in the Oakwood incident and are now reviewing their escape and evasion lessons....Can you name them?

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Jimmy Canatoy's remains were cremated last Sunday 22 Oct 06 at Holy Trinity, Paranaque after a well attended necrological services the day or night before. Several speakers delivered thought-provoking and heartwarming eulogies with the best given by Undersecretary-Bunkmate Efren Fernandez.. A Mistah even joke that he would like EQ to be the one to deliver his eulogy...

According to Zeny Canatoy, Jimmy complained of stomach pain which he never complained before. They were on and off the hospital (VLUNA) since 6 Oct 06. He was finally scheduled for enlarged gall bladder operation last 16 Oct. According to Zeny, his bladder had gangrened. Five (5) minutes after post ops, Jimmy had cardiac arrest. They tried to revive him for about an hour but failed.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Matatags will have a Class meeting at BNS Golf Club on 081030H Nov 06. Agenda are Christmas Party (Tito Legaspi) on 9 Dec 06 and Matatag Awardees (Boy Castellano). After the luncheon meeting, all golf afficionados, amateurs, beginners, professional players, umbrella boys, etc. are invited to join the golf fellowship....Mas Matatags are invited to join the lunch-fellowship for some chikkahan. Lunch will be sponsored by the "Aglipay Group of Companies".......

by Rey Rivera, class secretary

Dec. 9, 2006

We had our christmas party last night. Very few of the Matatag children were there but almost everybody brought with them their apos who were attached for messing for that particular night. Verna brought the most number of apos with three although I think they have more. Unfortunately, I'm not yet sleeping with a lola so I did not have any apo!!! (Hopefully, there would be one by next year.

Some of the mistahs were talking about the people who were not there and talk turned to Ed Mana-ay. Instantly, we had a collection for Ed to at least show our concern for him this Christmas season. We were able to collect PhP 20,000.00 and the amount was turned over to Rolly who promised to visit Ed soon on his way home to Baguio.

By the way, can somebody in CONUS please contact Jenny Mana-ay or their daughter, and inform them that Dr Nona Legaspi (Tito's bunkmate) is now the director of Veterans Memorial Hospital . She has a standing offer to accommodate Ed there where he can be cared for undergo some rehab. If they are interested, they can just coordinate directly with Monina or contact any of the class officers. It would be good if they can make available the service records of Ed. Maybe Rolly Garcia or any of the mistahs living near Crame or Aguinaldo can take on this task.

by Vic Batac

May 11, 2007

May 2007 Election. The following matatags are candidates for the May 2007 elections:

Greg Honasan, Ping Lacson and Jess Paredes

Bob Sacramento (Tarlac)

Obet Pagdanganan

Rey Velasco
Ed Matillano
Volts Espejo
May, 2007

Retired but not tired!
In this issue, let us talk about retirement since all of us are in this
present stage anyway. Our active loop participant Romy Dominguez sent some insights about retirement. Some of the more commonly asked question to retirees according to Romy are the following:

Question : What is the best way to describe retirement?
Answer : The never ending Coffee Break.

Question : What is the biggest gripe of retirees?
Answer : There is not enough time to get everything done.

Question : What do you do all week?
Answer : Monday to Friday, nothing. Saturday and
Sunday, I rest.

Question : What is the common term for someone who
enjoys work and refuses to retire?
Answer : Nuts!

Tis’ true folks. There are nuts among us Matatags who still continue to work despite their retirement from the Service. And why not? Majority of us are still healthy – physically and mentally. Emotionally, questionable pa yan kasi may mga young at heart pa dyan…ha ha … Besides, when you are active and always on the go, there is that adrenaline rush that makes us hyper lest we go sedentary.

Matatag Updates
Taking stock of our mistah’s whereabouts is a very challenging one if not frustrating. It was announced in our March – April 2007 issue of The Cavalier that we will update our latest “whatever” in our class e-mail loop. Well, there were some who responded immediately but others were simply magans or soooo slow in their reaction because of the old age effect or senility . . . ha ha. Anyway, whatever Art Lim has gathered from the internet, news publications, gossips, scuttle butts plus his penchant to daydream and imagine things, all of these were inputted (tama ba yun?) here and bahala na kayo to correct them later. So here goes . . .

In the Political Arena:
It is local election time and several of our mistahs are in the political spree. Ping Lacson, Greg Honasan and Jess Paredes are busy campaigning for their senatorial bids while Rey Velasco (Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan), Voltz Espejo (Pinili, Ilocos Norte), and Ed Matillano (Puerto Princesa City in Palawan) are slugging it out in their respective locality in the mayoralty race. Meanwhile, Bob Sacramento has been monitored to be a strong contender in his congressional bid in the 3rd District of Tarlac. In the provincial level, Obet Pagdaganan is again gearing to be governor of Bulacan. The Class wishes you all the luck and hope all of you will make it.

Still in Government Service:
We have mistahs who are still working for the public sector and making good at it. These Matatags provide quality service for the benefit of our country men and we are proud of them! Egay Aglipay as Chairman and Doy Francisco as EVP in the Philippine Retirement Authority, Rolly Garcia is still at the helm of the Philippine Center for Transnational Crime, Virtus Gil as USEC in Malacañang Operation Center, Jun Paynor as Ambassador and Chief Protocol, Malacañang, Aris de los Reyes as USEC in DND with Bert Sillona as ASEC for DND Logistics, Dick de Leon is still MSU President in Marawi City, Twiggy Zubia as Chief of Staff of Ping in the Senate, Mel Acosta is in the National Waterworks System and Marte Chioco, still in the cloak-&-dagger activities in NICA.

In the Security Consultancy and Allied Services:
Many of us Matatags found it easy to engage in providing security consultancy, training and related services because this business has been our bread and butter since our cadet days up to retirement. Thus, we have the following who are into this: EQ Fernandez, Ruben Domingo, Reuben Cabagnot, Jack Tan, Jerry Albano, Art Lim, Boyet Runes, Joey Lalisan, Wency Cruz, DA Domingo and Romy Dominguez.

Entrepreneurs and Corporate Field:
Some of our mistahs are gifted with business acumen and became outright entrepreneurs while some decided to join private Corporations. Rey Alcasid is engaged in internet café business, Huey Tabanda is making good with his gas station in Baguio City, Tiboe Fusilero is into farming and fishing in Cebu, Cutes Cataluña is deeply concentrated as chicken grower in Lipa City and Red Kapunan is into micro financing in Iloilo. In the corporate field are EQ Fernandez, Boy Castellano, Gel Molato, Bing Alano, Danny Belonia, Bong Ebuen, Cesar Ibo, Danny Francia and Vic Batac.

Career Golfers:
In the fairways of Villamor, Aguinaldo and John Hay are our ace golfers Tito Legazpi, Teody Viduya with Jimmy dela Cruz and Nelson Eslao, respectively. These guys are really good golfers. Nowadays, they become mainstays in the Senior Category Tournaments. Happy golfing ! ! !

Foreign based Matatags:
Those in the US Mainland are the following: Dania’ Perico, Archie Almario, Ed Marañon, Nap Aquino (incidentally, he will be here on May 19 with his daughter to visit the tourist spots of the country), Edwin Abello, Ed Fiñones, Ferna EB, Bobby Laciste, Rolly Malinis, Soc Brazal, Stan David, Avelino Cruz, Ariel Domingo, Fabric Fabros, Reggie Regalado, Cesar Gopilan, Manny Foronda and Rolly Degracia. Rey Rivera is still in quandary whether he will stay in the US for good.
Hawaii: Tex Balmaceda
Australia: Ben Gange and Miles Millena
Middle East: Oca Martinez

Just Around the Corner:
Rudy Vasquez, Dong Tabamo, Rey Acop, Ed Mana-ay (who is recuperating in San Fernando, Pampanga), Caloy Garcia, Jimmy Gopilan.

Out of Circulation:
Please sound off wherever and whatever you are doing Mistahs. Sounding off the following: Levy Zamora, Egay Elona, Ralph Flores, Popop Ocampo, Jake Malajacan, Babes Galvez, Bobby Navida.

Birthday Greetings

Our best wishes to the following Matatags and Mas-Matatags on the occasion of their natal day:

May Celebrants: Domingo MM (6), Rey Velasco (22), Fabric Fabros (23), Danny Francia (26), Jess Paredes (27), Twiggy Zubia (28), Ed Elona (29), Ralph Flores (30)

Marilyn Costales (4), Tess Gopilan (5), Mawie Aglipay (10), Arleen Francia (30), Malou Vasquez (30)

June Celebrants: Ping Lacson (1), Edwin Galzote (1), Reggie Regalado (5), EQ Fernandez (7), Nelson Eslao (18), Rey Acop (18),Sarah Paredez (4), Cecille Galzote (15), Ched Tan (17), Tess Paynor (17), Nina de los Reyes (29)

By Jun Lalisan, Class Secretary

July 2007

Updates, updates, updates and more…….

In our past two issues, it was announced that all Matatags will update their respective “whatever” and “whenever” and convey them to our acting class secretary via any means, i.e. thru phone, e-mail or personal visit to our class secretarial office based in Room 1001, 10th floor, State Financing Center Building, along Ortigas Avenue in Mandaluyong City. Yes, there were encouraging improvements in the reaction but more effort must be exerted. We have not heard from Bay Seron, Alex Lasan, Narcing Dauz, Ernie Lumang, Manny Resplandor, Peewe Peralta, Nick Varona, Johnny Velasco, and Levy Zamora. Please sound off guys! By the way, Rex Piad is into the security business and also a fairway addict in Orchards and PN Golf Course. Ging Cagurangan is still a tennis buff and works in a Korean firm in Cavite EPZA. Danny Francia informed us that his latest position now is as the GM of Mactan International Airport. My apologies to Arpee Santos, our foreign based mistah, whom I failed to mention in the last issue (Bravo let’s go!). For the information of all, our class office was made available by PRA Prexy Egay Aglipay free of charge pati electric and water bills. Thanks Egay for being generous. Mistahs, if you happen to drop by the office, Art Lim is there to serve you coffee or tea but not his secretary…hehe (joke lang!)

Talking about updates, Art Lim posted last June 23, 2007 in our e-mail loop the list of Matatags who are in good standing as members of the PMAAAI as of May 31, 2007. There were only 42 listed who have paid the required dues of P3, 000.00 as a lifetime member. So, those who were not mentioned in the list should contact USEC Aris delos Reyes, our treasurer or the acting class secretary Temyong to update your accounts.

There is also a need to update your record with the PMAAAI particularly your latest mailing address. This reminds me of the complaint of Twiggy Zubia, who has paid his dues but was not able to get his copies of The Cavalier Magazine. It was discovered that his last recorded address was still in Camp Crame. As a reaction, Twiggy sent us his new address. However, it is a different story for Vic Batac. In his e-mail, Vic informed us that his name was not listed but still he receives copies of the Cavalier and dala-dalawa pa raw. Sabi nga ni Vic, “ life is really unfair.” But Vic promised to pay treasurer Aris when he sees him maybe during our December 2007 Christmas Party…tsk tsk. Maybe by this time, bayad na sya kasi may konsensya yan...

Just recently, Nap Aquino and daughter Jamie, were our visitors here in Manila last May 19 and stayed for 2 weeks in the country. DA Domingo coordinated Nap’s visit in Luzon and Visayas and the class tendered a dinner attended by 17 Matatags and 10 mas Matatags. Also, another mistah, Dania Perico arrived last June to accompany his sister, Nydia, who is suffering from liver cancer. He wanted his visit low-key but he was able to attend the Class Board of Trustees/ Class Officers/ Class Meeting last June 2 in AFPCOC. He was invited by Egay Aglipay for a golf game in Camp Aguinaldo but both opted to attend the Class Meeting. Joey Lalisan had a lunch with him a day prior his departure for the US last 4 July. Also, Greg Honasan visited Dania and his sister later that same day to extend his best wishes. The class offers prayers for the immediate recovery of Dania’s sister.

In the Political Scene:
Congratulations to Senators Ping Lacson and Greg Honasan and to Sta. Barbara Mayor Rey Velasco. Better luck next time to Obet Pagdanganan, Bob Sacramento, Volts Espejo and Ed Matillano.

Board Meeting Update:
Last June 28, lunch time, members of the fabled class of 1971 and Board of Trustees had a meeting in the AFPCOC, Camp Aguinaldo. President Ruben Domingo, called the meeting to order at exactly 1200H. Discussed during the meeting were the following:

Class ’71 Ladies Club Proposal for a Fundraising Project Activity:
The suggested fundraising event is a golf tournament in October at the Camp Aguinaldo Golf Course. The intention here is to raise fund for some projects of the class and the ladies like medical assistance to the members and dependents; Christmas party and reunion activities this coming February 2008 and others. Our class representatives for the golfing event are Rey Alcasid and Rey Rivera. Details will be announced later. It is requested that each member will solicit at least one hole sponsor or donor for this activity.

Volts Espejo’s report on the Evaluation of the PMA Class of 1971, Inc. Articles of Incorporation and By Laws: The proposal was to change the organizational framework from an ordinary non-stock corporation to an Association. After a long deliberation, the Board approved the name Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 1971 Association, Inc. Relatedly, our organizational structure will be composed of the Philippine Chapter and International Chapter. The corporate address now will be changed to Room 1001, 10th Floor, State Finance Center, Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City. Lastly, instead of the class historian who will be responsible in the regular production of both the “Class Call” and “ Ang Matatag”, it will now be the Class Secretary, who will take charge of this responsibility. These amendments will be communicated to the SEC in the form of a Board Resolution.

Treasurer’s Report: Aris reported that we are still in the blue pero diminishing return na. For the details, visit Art Lim or Aris. He also submitted the report of our independent auditor, UHY Lopez and Co. (CPAs).

Birthday Celebrants for June and July:
Matatags: Melchor Acosta-10, Robert Pagdanganan-19, Teodoro Runes-20, Hercules Cataluna-23, Ruben Cabagiot-23 and Reynaldo Rivera-24.
Mas Matatags: Jane Honasan-29, Menchu Sacramento-16, Connie Ellona-24, Tess Foronda-23, Charito Perico-22, Esther Cataluna-5, Jane Piad-14 and Amy Pabuayon-25.

Matatags: Avelino Cruz-8, Ariel Domingo-10, Cesar Capilan-12, Jaime Capilan-12, Manuelito Resplandor-19, Remegio Santos-19, Jerry Albano-20, Philip Espejo-23, Lamberto Sillona-24 and Gregorio Cagurangan-25.
Mas Matatags: Girlie dela Cruz-29 and Beth Matillano-25.

Our best wishes to all the celebrants.

For the benefits of our mistahs who are living abroad and who would like to subscribe to The Cavalier Magazine, they will shoulder the additional mailing cost of P276.00 per issue. Kindly remit this directly to the Editor, The Cavalier, PMA Alumni Center, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City or sent e-mail to If there are further questions, please e-mail Aris or Art.

Thoughts for this issue:
The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

Life involves a lot of choices. Choose wisely! Choose to be happy, kind, caring and loving. Smile!!!!/Joey C. Lalisan-designated for the Class Call!

Nov-Dec 2007

Matatag 71 Class Call for Nov-Dec issue

E-mailers Galore

The Matatag 71 @ yahoo group participants logged in actively last October. Sharers and kibitzers of jokes, funny and serious narratives, updates, health tips, and “what have yous” were a plenty. Of course the always-in-the-loop mistahs were Rey Rivera, Romy Dominguez, Bay Cesar Ibo, DA Domingo, Atotsky Paredes, Doy Francisco, Aris de los Reyes, Art Lim ( ‘coz he is under orders by Ruben Domingo, our class prexy and Egay Aglipay, being his boss in the ECI Consultancy to make announcements for the information of the Matatags), Joey Lalisan, Reuben Cabagnot and Vic Batac. It was gladly noted that our Senator Ping Lacson also logged in and this was when he posted that he visited our cancer-stricken mistah, Ernie Lumang in Cebu City. Our other mistahs who participated in the loop were Bobby Sacramento and sometimes, a reaction or two from Twiggy Zubia and EQ Fernandez. Lately, most of our foreign based classmates also sounded off, namely: Ed Maranon, Ave Cruz, Soc
Brazal, Edwin Abello, Ed Finones (who was a recent visitor in Manila and was treated to a corporate lunch in PRA by Bravo bugo-bugos Egay A and Doy F), Tex Balmaceda, Dania Perico, Ernie Fernandez, Stan David, Archie Almario, Manny Foronda, Ariel Domingo, Arpee Santos, Rolly Malinis (our moderator), and who else? Forgive me if this writer failed to mention other loop participants. It was maybe due to “senior moments” or because of the late lights rally to finish this class call . Last day na kasi ng submission, eh. However, of all people in the loop, can you imagine somebody by the name of Cesar Pabuayon appearing in our E-mail ? His E-mail address is Anyway, welcome Cesar in our loop. I just wish our “kalmang-kalmang” mistah, Tiboe Fusilero will follow suit and update us of his activities in Cebu.

First Cavalier to climb Mt Everest

Just recently, our mistah Soc Brazal reported that he just came from Nepal this November and had a grand time climbing the mountains there. With Sherpa guides leading him up to several campsites, Soc managed to reach a base camp (this is a stop over site for Mt Everest climbers ) situated at a height of 5,345 meters. This is the equivalent of some 16,305 feet in elevation. If you imagine our climb to Mount Sto Tomas during our cadet days (for us Scout Rangers, this is only a hill…ha ha…yabang!), its elevation then according to Bay Cesar Ibo’s old and dusty “1967 Peemayer,” was only 4,572.31 feet. And that was when we were still in our teens as plebes and yearlings. But our mistah Soc, at his present age of 58 , was able to reach almost 4X that height. WOW, what a feat! Di ba this is a “first” achievement of any cavalier at a retirement age to do this fantastic thing? Our Congratulations to Soc and we are proud of you. Number one for Bravo , let’s go!

This is very historic indeed. But the big question is: Soc, did you plant the Class 71 banner there?

Travel Abroad

First is the nth honeymoon of Vic and Nene Batack with their grandchild.

On November 6-10, Aris Delos Reyes and Bert Sillona went to Bangkok to attend a Defense Exhibit. Nina and Aris daughter as well as Marmie joined them not for the Exhibit but to shop. Manny Foronda and Ging Caballero (Class '68), both pilots based in Bangkok, visited them at the Hotel bringing with them wine and appetizers which made the reminiscient conversations livelier. Unlike Soc, they preferred the convenience of the elevator at all times.

March 7, 2008

Many of our Matatag mistahs were active for the past two months in our loop. From the words of Atotsky Paredes in his email, may I check in? Indeed, new emailers “checked in” in our yahoo group like Manny Resplandor, Dan Francia, Dania Perico, Miles Millena, and Dick de Leon. Of course the usual bloggers (joke lang) are Ka Romy Dominguez, Bay Ibo, Rey Rivers, Eddmar Marañon, Manny Foronda, MM Domingo, Tex Balmaceda, Aris de los Reyes, Art Lim (informing us of a new health product known as Transfer Factor Plus molecules), Soc Brazal, DA Domingo, Dong Tabamo, Doy Francisco, Voltz Espejo, and Bert Sillona. Most of the information gathered from those who logged in were opinions on the Lozada expose’, advises on how Filipinos can cope up with the problems on the political and economic environments, topics on health, and updates on the latest happenings. Hopefully, those mistahs who are not in the e-loop may find the time to “check in” and share what is new or latest about

Updates and other Happenings

Dick de Leon is no longer with the Mindanao State University. He has ended his term as President of MSU after two years. Presently, he is now the EVP of Centro Escolar University and up to this writing is attempting to adjust with his new environment…from the Muslim world to the world of an all-female University. There is really a truism in the dictum: Some guys have all the luck. Our congratulations to you mistah and maybe after adjusting your life there, according to our class prexy Ruben Domingo, “sana maala-ala mo kami na mabisita ka diyan”.

Miles Millena emailed that his visit to Manila would be from 7-15 March. By the time this class call will be published, he has already left for Sydney. His email address is

Flyboy Manny “MM” Domingo logged in announcing that he is now a senior pilot of Cebu Pacific Airbus 320 flying both local and international flights. He reported that two of our air force mistahs are with him: Yari Yarisantos and Danny Belonia. Danny used to be a chopper pilot but now he is piloting a fixed wing aircraft. Iba na talaga ang may talent. The class expects MM Domingo to supervise the two properly being a senior officer of the airline. By the way, Yari used to be a pilot in the Thai Orient .

Egay Aglipay hosted an inter battalion golf tournament for the Matatags in the Villamor Golf fairways and even donated the green and red golf shirts to the participants. Those in the Green Team were First Battalion members namely: Egay A, Teddy Runes, Jimmy de la Cruz, Rey Alcasid, Dick de Leon, Doy Francisco, Boy Castellano, Joey Lalisan, Bob Sacramento, Ed Matillano, and Bing Alano. On the other hand, the Red Team golfers were Second Battalion members namely: Nelson Eslao, Beloy Belonia, Teody Viduya, Rey Acop, Twiggy Zubia, Rex Piad, and Edwin Galzote. In this first salvo, the First Battalion won. However, Egay A. announced that the Second Battalion will have their chance on the next round which was scheduled on March 13 in the same venue. Makabawi kaya sila? Abangan….

Alumni Homecoming 2008

Last Febuary 14, some of our mistahs joined the Battle of the Classes Golf Tournament in Camp John Hay. Our ace golfers Teddy R and Rex Piad were not able to go but five of the Matatag “hampas lupa”s were there: Ed Mati, Egay A, Bob Sacra, Nelson E, and Joey L. While the junior classes won in the Team Event, Ed Mati won the 2nd Runner-up for individual awards. He had a bad score but because the golf format was a blind callaway, his worst scores were selected and the total was his handicap for the day. Iba na rin ang sini-swerte. According to Bob Sac, kung sino-sino na lang ang nananalo..ha ha. Be that as it may, congrats pa rin sa iyo mistah for making the day for us. At least, may award ang Class 71.

The following Day was the Alumni Parade. The class uniform was the maroon shirt with our class 71 logo and markings 71 courtesy of Egay Aglipay. Beeming with pride and trying their best to brace up while trooping the long gray line, the following marched the hallowed parade grounds of Mayo Field: Jerry Albano, Egay Aglipay, Doy Francisco, Dick de Leon, Joey Lalisan, Art Lim (who was out of step in the latter part of the review…kapoy na Bay?), Virtus Gil, Nelson Eslao, Bobby Sacramento, Ed Matillano, Ruben Domingo, and Sta Barbara Mayor Rey Velasco. Of course the loudest cheerers for our class when they passed in front of the grandstand were the Mas Matatags plus the Anaks and Apos ng Matatags. According to some fans of the class, our uniform with the matching cowboy hats stood out as compared with the other classes. At first this writer did not believe it thinking that it was only an “out of respect” comment. But after viewing the still pictures and videos, it was really true. The mistahs looked 10 years younger in their “bagets” attire. Mas matured looking kasi pagnaka formal attire, di ba?

After listening to several speeches and the Pass-in-Review by the Cadet Corps, the Matatags and Mas Matatags proceeded to a luncheon hosted again by Egay and Mawie at the residence of Mawie’s brother Robbie Yan near the Loakan Airport. It was a delicious lunch of native dishes but the ensalada was vigorously endorsed by Mawie to all attendees. It was really delicious and those who missed it, sori na lang kayo. The Matatags and Mas Matatags had their separate meetings after dessert. Those who were present were Egay and Mawie, Virtus and Lita, Ruben and Fe, Joey and Celia, Doy and Baby, Rollie and Malou, Art and Annie, and Ed Mati and Elsie. In attendance also were solo flights Dick de Leon, Jerry Albano and Rey Velasco

President Ruben G called the meeting to order and initially thanked Egay and Mawie for hosting the luncheon meeting and also for sponsoring the class maroon uniform for the Matatags. One of the agenda was the election of the new batch of officers since the present organization had been there for two years. When it was announced that the nomination for new officers was open, Mayor Rey V moved that the same officers and members of the Board be elected for another term of office. The motion of Rey V was unanimously approved there having no objection. It was also discussed in the meeting about the request of Aris to be replaced as the Treasurer of the class. It was unanimously voted to deny the request. Thus, Ruben Domingo remains as our class prexy and Chairman, Romy D as Vice-Chairman and VP for the Army, Aris as VP for the Navy and treasurer, Bert Sillo as VP for the Air Force, Rollie G as VP for the PNP, Dania Perico as VP for Foreign based Matatags, Doy F as PRO, Rey Alcasid as Business Manager, Joey L as Auditor, Rey V as Corporate Legal Counsel , Wency Cruz as Chairman, Awards Committee; Ging Cagurangan as Chairman, Membership Committee; and, Tito Legaspi as Chairman, Class Affairs and Special Events Committee. Ariel Domingo and EB Fernandez remain as members of the Foreign Based Committee. Another topic of discussion was about the preparation for the Coral Anniversary of the class come 2011. Some income generating activities like golf tournaments, bingo socials (as suggested by Jerry Albano), ballroom dancing, and others were suggested. (by Joey Lalisan)

June 2008

It is summer, mga Matatags! (by Joey Lalisan)

It is summer once more mga Mistahs and this means visits to the nearby beaches, picnic sites, going to spas (read massage parlors…he he), and treading in pools. To those of us who are go-getters, this is the time for plenty pasyalans to Baguio, Tagaytay, Laguna, Batangas, and Palawan and other exotic places in the Visayas and Mindanao, not to mention those who will spend the rest of summer abroad. To the sport minded among us, it means something else. This is the occasion where we expose our bodies to the sun indulging in outdoor sports like lawn tennis, basketball, cycling, swimming, jogging or brisk walking and of course, to the aristocratic, the royal game of golf . It is a time to relax, have fun, and enjoy the sun. As EQ Ferna used to say: The heat is on!

Inter Battalion Golf Tourney

This writer posted last March 13 the result of the second Inter Battalion golf tournament hosted by our PRA Chairman and mistah Egay Aglipay in the Villamor Golf Club. He also donated the second set of uniform and even paid for the merienda and late lunch. Unlike our first match last Feb 11 where all the players were Matatag “hampas lupas”, this second match was joined in by some members of the Magiting Class of 1970. The Matatag line-up included Egay Aglipay, of course (kung hindi siya kasali e baka bawiin yung mga uniforms), Teody Viduya, Vic Batac, Ted Runes, Jimmy de la Cruz, Bob Sacramento, Rey Alcasid, Tito Legaspi, and Joey Lalisan. On the other hand, the Magiting line-up included Roy Cimatu, Rufo de Veyra, Ed Visperas, Fred Daluyaya, Vic Signey, Jack Ligot, Clyde Fernandez, and Nestor Santillan. The result was: The first Battalion won again! This confirmed that First Battalion players are better golfers than the Second Battalion players. This game was witnessed by MGEN Ramon Montano ’58 who actually represented our mistah, Rex Piad who was not able to join due to some commitments. Incidentally, Dick de Leon, Bay Cesar Ibo, and Jerry Albano dropped by for boodling and tsika purposes. The latter duo did some golf driving lessons in the Villamor Driving Range maybe in preparation for future tournaments. During the fellowship later in the day, Clyde Fernandez invited the class for another round of golf in Camp Aguinaldo fairways on the occasion of his birthday on April 1 dubbed as Corps 70 Golf Tournament. Players of PMA Classes 70, 71, 72, and 73 were invited in this tourney.

Result of the Corps 70 Golf Tournament

This tournament started off at 1100 H of 1 April in the Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club and hosted by the Magiting Class 1970 on the occasion of the birthday of Clyde F. All the registration fees were paid for by the host class courtesy of DPWH Secretary Jun Ebdane. The formats were Battle of the Four Classes, Inter Battalion, Inter Company, and Individual Score. The results were rather
encouraging for us. In the Battle of the Class format, the Matatags landed second to the Class 72 golfers; in the Inter Battalion format, the First Battalion won; in the Inter Company format, Bravo won, and in the Individual Awards, Teody Viduya and Rex Piad received some trophies. As announced during the fellowship, this will be a quarterly event. The Matatags will be the sponsor in the third quarter of this year and the venue will also be the Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club. So those who will join this tourney, please practice and hone your swings and putts. We call on our golfing mistahs abroad…where art thou bugobugos Tex Balmaceda and Archie Almario?

Active in the Loop for the period March and April

Our usual internet addict mistahs logged in our Matatag loop. Those in the most number of postings category were Ka Romy Dominguez, Edd Maranon, and Bay Cesar Ibo. Many of Ka Romy G’s inputs were original and not just forwarded or cut-and-paste items. Ditto to certified blogger Edd Maranon. He also sent in his orig tirades and well meaning criticisms in the political field. Di ko na sasabihin kung kanino siya galit…ang mahalaga, alam natin na galit siya. Another
prolific emailer is Bay Cesar Ibo. His insights were , of course, product of his senior years. Kasi Senior Citizen na siya. For some of us who are nearly approaching the magic number 60, let us show some respect to Bay Ibs. Let us heed his advice. Atotsky Paredes also “checked in” and don’t you notice that many of his messages were religious in nature. Even in his text messages , I suppose. Magtataka ang mga “plebos” na dumaan kay Atot noong araw. I believe that his mas Matatag partner-in-life, Sarah, has influenced more or less this big change. Those that appear now and then were Art Lim, our Secretary, everytime he has some announcements or ads; Vic Batac, Stan David from Las Vegas, Dania Perico from Virginia and Tex Balmaceda from Hawaii (using his Blackberry wireless device) dropping by for a comment or two; our Cebu Pacific Assistant Chief Pilot par excellance MM Domingo also emailed that he is supervising properly Dan Belonia, an incoming captain and Joey Yarisantos, a new co-pilot of A320 ; Rey Rivers logged in to give his reactions and asking “kumusta na ang bayan natin?”; and, Dong Tabamo who informed us via the loop that he will join his beloved wife, Lulu, in Hawaii who was appointed as Consul there. Relatedly, Lulu was in the newspaper during the first flight of Hawaiian Airlines from Manila to Hawaii recently. Kudos to Lulu! Pwede bang free tickets o kaya maski discounted air fare dyan? Others who joined in the loop were greeters of Dick de Leon who announced that he is now the EVP of Centro Escolar University. They were Ed Finones, Doy
Francisco, Joey Lalisan, Aris de los Reyes, Jack Tan, Class Prexy Ruben Domingo, and Wency Cruz.

Latest Updates

Have you seen our mistah Virtus Gil (in black shades) in the 2nd Avenue Channel? Hindi? Well, siguro wala kayong cable or TV kasi nasa Jurassic living condition pa kayo. Yes, it is true, mga Mistahs. Virtus is in the colored TUBE promoting our famous Boracay. Lest you are not aware, Virtus was appointed as Boracay Development Czar and part of his job is to promote it as a viable tourist destination and of course, do a lot of improvement of that place environmentally, structurally, and commercially. This writer strongly suggests our class can have a respite in that paradise of a place this summer or anytime when Virtus is ready to receive us there. Anong say mo President Inggo?

Incidentally, Doy F informed this writer that Dick de Leon is willing to sponsor a class officers and Board meeting in Centro Escolar campus one of these days. According to Dick, he is ready anytime. Come to think of it, Centro Escolar University is not only in Manila but has several branches in Luzon. Ang sarap naman ng buhay ni Dick. But according to him, he is still adjusting to his new environment. In other words, according to Rolly Garcia as concurred in by Mayor Rey “Bukayo” Velasco, Dick is still confuse like a plebe.

July-August 2008

Rainy Days are here! (by Joey Lalisan)
Summer is gone in a whiff and nobody seems to notice its exit except maybe the students who reluctantly returned to school and the weather people of PAGASA. Even before the month of June ended, rains were here, there, and everywhere. There were typhoons that caused not only floods and destruction of crops but also sea mishaps that claimed several hundreds of lives. Up to this writing, there were still passengers that remain unaccounted for. It is hoped that the on-going investigation will give justice to the victims and their relatives. Hindi na tayo natuto. People never learned from the past mistakes. Anyway, the class condoles with the families of the victims of these calamities as we pray for the safety of those who were not yet accounted for and the repose of the souls of those who were not so lucky.
Archie and Dania were in Town!
Archie Almario and bunkmate Rose were in Manila for a brief stay due to the demise of Archie’s mom. The class tendered a simple dinner in The Fort’s Market Market several days after the burial and prior the departure of the couple back to San Francisco, USA. Those who were present were his fellow Navy bugs Ben Domingo, Aris De Los Reyes, and Wency Cruz with their respective mas –Matatags; Doy and Baby Francisco, Rey Alcasid and Mina, Marmie Sillona, Lulu Runes, Joey Lalisan, and Atotsky Paredes. Archie was very appreciative of the tendered dinner and had fun relieving the cadet life and his years in the Navy. Archie was the first Matatag to receive a Bronze Medal while still a PMA cadet. He rescued three children trapped inside a burning building without regard of his safety. It happened when he was on break. When this writer asked him more details about that incident, Archie humbly said that it happened a long time ago and he just did what had to be done. Saludo kami sa iyo, Archie! Another mistah who was in town was Dania Perico. He was here to attend to some private businesses and the class
also hosted a Japanese dinner for him in Saisaki EDSA. It was an all male attendance as Dania came in solo flight. Those in attendance were fellow Air Force Bert Sillona, Art Lim, and Bobby Yarisantos ; PRA Head Egay Aglipay, Aris de los Reyes, EQ Fernandez, Wency Cruz, Ben Domingo, and Joey Lalisan. Considering that Dania would stay for more than a week in Manila, Egay A organized a golf play for him although Dania insinuated that he was not a serious golfer but only a mediocre one. In his very rare appearance, Bobby Yarisantos shared to us that Danny Belonia was the highest paid co-pilot in their airline company. As we all know, Belo used to be a chopper pilot in that same enterprise but shifted to the fixed wing later after the rotary division was phased out. Our mistah MM Domingo was an inspired instructor of Belo according to Yari.

Assistant Secretary for Acquitions, Installations, and Logistics Bert Sillona was also in Dublin, Ireland recently as part of a 3-man Philippine delegation that participated in the Dublin Conference on Cluster Munitions. 
Doy Francisco, the Matatag’s Computer Forensic Expert
Doy just arrived from Toronto, Canada after attending the Cyber Crime Detection Seminar conducted by Forensic Data Recovery , Inc. This training enabled our Mistah to gain the knowledge of email and chat recovery, internet history analysis, and data recovery from digital media. Doy is groomed to head the Digital Forensic Services of EMME Consultancy, Inc that will offer cyber crime prevention and detection services. Doy said that unlike in the USA and Canada, there are not enough laws here in the country that address cyber crimes that were enumerated in the Budapest Convention on Cyber Crimes. So, paging our Senators Ping and Greg.
Updates of the Matatag Bloggers
For this period, our active e-mailers were Bay Ibs and Ka Romy Dominguez. Bay Ibo shared with Soc Brazal about the “Huli-Daps” allegedly that took place in the Tropical Palace Avenue in BF Homes and that of No Parking incident in the corner of Vito Cruz and Taft Avenue in Manila. The latter incident was looked into by the Manila Police Chief Chief Supt Boysie Rosales ’78 who immediately relieved and investigated the named policemen. Among the mails sent by Ka Romy
that attracted attention was the speech of Pulitzer Prize winner, Anna Quindlin which she delivered at the graduation ceremony of an American university where she was awarded an Honorary PhD. In her speech, she admonished the crowd to “Get a life. A real life, not a manic pursuit of the next promotion, the bigger pay cheque, the larger house. Do you think you’d care so very much about those things if you blew an aneurysm one afternoon, or found a lump in your breast?” She is telling us to get a life in which we are not alone…find people you love and who love you and get a life in which we are generous…that life should not be taken for granted but it is the best thing ever…be charitable. Further, she advised her crowd to learn to be happy; learn to enjoy the journey, not the destination; and, live life with joy and passion as it is ought to be lived. Maybe, we can get a lesson or two from her speech. We may not realize it but sometimes we are also guilty of taking life for granted. So, let us maximize to enjoy it…communicate, share, and be thankful for the gift of life. Other mistahs in our loop were Vic Batac , Ben Gange, Tex Balmaceda, Miles Millena, Atot Paredes, Dong Tabamo, Rey Rivera, Ed Finones, DA Domingo, Volts Espejo, MM Domingo, Art Lim, and Rolly Malinis. Vic e-mailed that the class would have its own website and the required domain name registration is $20 per year. He suggested that the class would pay for the 10 year period and pledges were needed to pay for this account. Vic pledged for the payment of one year so that 9 or more volunteers were needed. Please, kindly sound off. By the way, the class domain name would be The proposed webmaster would be Rolly Malinis. Soc Brazal is still the moderator for our yahoo group and Vic would be our postmaster. He recently e-mailed the step-by-step instructions to register the personalized e-mail account. Additionally, let us thank Ben Gange for restoring our class e-mail facility.
Golf in Hawaii 
Egay Aglipay is inviting the class golfers to join him in a 4-day sortie in Hawaii from 1 – 4 September 2008. This is actually part of his marketing job as PRA prexy to attract Filipino-American retirees based in Hawaii to invest in the Philippines. Tex Balmaceda and Dong Tabamo will play hosts for billeting and boodling purposes. Bob Sacramento, Archie Almario, and Dania Perico already signified to join according to Tex. Aside from the PRA briefings of Egay, there will be a golf tournament to be hosted by the Philippine Consulate which will be held at the Kapolei Golf Course.  Even non- golfers are welcome. They will serve as the rah rah boys of Egay..ha ha.Aloha!
Matatag Golfers in their Peak (?)
Rex Piad had a good round of golf in Sta Elena during a Gawad Kalinga Golf Tournament where he won the Championship Trophy beating more than 60 players. He represented the EMME Security Agency which was one of the major sponsors of that event last June. The other team members were Egay A, Ted Runes, and Joey Lalisan. Had there been second runner-up trophies, Ted might have won in the Class A Category, Joey in the Class B, and Egay in the Class C level. It was a blind Callaway system so that the double pars were important scores. So, cheers to Rex. As I recall, Rex was with this writer in the Sta Lucia Golf Tour in Bangkok. Rex also won in the double team event. Meanwhile, during the birthday bash for our mistah Mayor Rey “Bukayo” Velasco where a golf tournament was held in Camp Aguinaldo Golf Course, this writer won in the Class B Runner-Up Category. But I was in the Class A Category during the raffle time. May I humbly (ehem) announce also that I won the Class A Trophy in Malarayat Golf Course during the golf tournament hosted by the Batangas Boy Scout Council. Talagang swertehan lang sa blind Callaway system. During the Second Quarter Villamor Tournament, Tito Legaspi was a stand out. Malas na sa laro, malas pa rin sa raffle. But the good news was that he had lost some weight and active again in his gym work outs. Not to be outdone was the Championship trophy won by Egay Aglipay during the monthly golf tournament in the Philippine Navy Golf Course. Ted Runes, who was with him in that tournament, has this to say: Kung sino-sino na lang ang nananalo. (joke lang, bunk). Congrats is in order for Egay. Bravo, let’s go !This writer also monitored some of the Matatags enjoying life in the golf course. Weekend players in Villamor or in Aguinaldo fairways were Vic Batac, Jimmy de la Cruz, MM Domingo, Teody Viduya ( kaya lang may  sigaw na “aray” after every swing), Nelson Eslao (whenever he’s in Manila),Bert Sillona, Danny Belonia, Twiggy Zubia, and Rey Acop ( pagwalang schedule na sultada…sa meron o sa wala?). Rey Alcasid and Ted Runes frequent the Navy golf course so beware as they have mastered the fairways there. Herky“Cutes” Cataluña was the senior Golf Champion  in the Malarayat Golf Course last Quarter. This writer hardly recognized him when they bumped each other in the Malarayat fairways, kasi kakulay na nya si Tiger Woods sa sobrang laro. Happy golfing mistah!
July – August Birthday Celebrators
 Matatags -                
JULY                          10 MELCHOR ACOSTA, 19 ROBERT PAGDANGANAN, 20
Mas-Matatags -        
JULY                          5 ESTHER CATALUÑA, 14 JANE PIAD, 16 MENCHU

September, 2008

Matatag Updates and other News (by Joey Lalisan)
Latest in the Senate
In the political scene, our Senators Greg and Ping had works a plenty in making this beloved country a progressive one. Greg’s legislative agenda focus on issues of peace and security, youth and sports development, land reform and environment. These were all reflected in more than 300 bills and resolutions filed during the 10th, 11th, 12th, and 14th Congress. Specifically, he authored or co-authored the bills on the Comprehensive National Peace Policy, National Security Policy, Disaster Management Policy, Land Use Policy, Integrated Anti-crime and Anti-terrorist Information System, Land Reform to Industrialization Bill, Long Term Sports Development Program, National Auditing Code, Youth Development Programs, Clean Air and Water and Solid Waste Management, and the TOE of AFP and PNP as an expression of capability.
On the other hand, Ping’s legislative agenda focus on issues on peace and order, health, progress, and education. Being a former law enforcer par excellence, he has introduced legislations impacting the mechanisms of the Criminal Justice System. Particularly, he is keen on eliminating all vestiges of corruption which he considers as the antecedent for the delay in the delivery of basic services such as health care and education. Some of the highlights of his participation in the 1st and 2nd regular sessions of the 14th Congress include the amendments to the Bank Secrecy Law that aims to discourage unscrupulous government officials and employees from money laundering activities; The Government Classification and Compensation Act of 2007; amendments to the Wiretapping Law; Anti-Firearms Smuggling Act of 2007; grants of additional insurance benefits to the barangay captains; and upgrades in the benefits and incentives of barangay tanods. His bills for the PNP include Senate Bill No. 49 or the PNP Trust Fund Act that establishes a trust fund that will administer all programs and projects earmarked for our national police; Senate Bill No. 195 which grants special assistance and benefits to the family and beneficiaries of any police or military personnel or firemen killed or permanently incapacitated in the performance of his or her official duties; and, Senate Bill No. 2429 which contains amendments to RA 8551 and aims to provide a progressive promotion system for the PNP.
With the above litany of their legislative works, let us be proud of them and kindly spread the word to all and sundry that Greg and Ping are not sleeping on their post. Carry on and please continue the good job of ensuring our countrymen that your legislative agenda will provide peace and development and equal opportunities to all. Mabuhay!
News from Abroad
Egay Aglipay, as of this writing, is in Hawaii enjoying the sunshine and the golf fairways there. Previously planned last August which this writer mentioned in our last issue, Egay pushed through with his marketing sortie for the Philippine Retirement Authority this September to attract Fil-Am retirees to spend their retirement days and money here in the Philippines. As of his latest report, he was playing golf with some retirees tagging along mistahs Tex Balmaceda as his caddie and Dong Tabamo as his umbrella guy. Tex was inviting other mistahs from the mainland USA and from here also. This writer told him to send a round trip ticket first and he was tongue-tied. Anyway, enjoy and good luck, guys.
This writer gathered from our yahoo group details of the earthquake experience of EB Fernandez in Los Angeles. In his e-mail to Rey Rivers, who is also USA based, he narrated that the earthquake hit during a work day. EB was working in the 25th floor of a 52-storey building in downtown LA. when he felt a slow swaying motion initially and then it became stronger as if a Metro subway was running late a block away. Then, it got really strong that EB heard aluminum inter net that initially it was recorded at 5.6 on the Richter scale, later upgraded to 5.8, and eventually settled at 5.4. It was a good thing no disaster happened but EB reported that in his house, he suffered a minor damage to his water filter tanks due to some leaks. It was good EB’s mas-Matatag Ching was there to tighten the loosened connection with a wrench. It was better, of course, that everyone was safe. Kung pwede EB magparelocate ka kaya ng office sa 5th floor or lower for easy extrication.
Mistah Ed Maranon, who lives 15 miles west of Chino Hills, where the earthquake epicenter was located, found his things in disarray. EB described it as if an upperclassman came into the room and pulled out all the “foldings” because they were not aligned.
Dania (without the “c”) Perico and his favorite bunkmate Charito sent to the class loop a general invitation to the wedding of his eldest son, Michael. He is getting married in Tampa, Florida (maraming golf courses doon, mind you) on November 22 and then a Carribean cruise after a short reception. Another reception will be held in Los Angeles area in November 27. For those who can make it and available on such dates, please inform Dania and Charito. They will be greatly honored by your presence. Promise yan!
Voltz Espejo and DA Domingo are in the states for family visits and leisure. Leisure…meaning enjoying themselves as cook, driver, stay behind force sa bahay, or simply doing “apostolic” work because of the apos. Well, that’s life mga pare ko.
News in the Local Scene
From the DND, our mistah Aris de los Reyes is an active co-worker of the good looking and energetic Secretary Gilbert Teodoro. As USEC, Aris handles the internal affairs of the Department and reviews, analyzes, evaluates, and recommends policies and programs to his boss. In like manner, our mistah Bert Sillona just arrived from an official trip abroad and reported to the SND his 0 successful stint there. Bert is now the ASIL and part of his job is to look for aircrafts and other war assets for the AFP. According to some sources, Bert was in China and South Korea canvassing the scrap depot there…joke lang.
Let us congratulate mistah Red Kapunan who is now the assistant Director General in the newly organized Civil Aeronautics Authority. He works under a snappy upperclassman in the person of Cavalier Ruben Ciron ’68 who was Red’s colleague in the old DND days under Secretary Ponce Enrile then. We hope the status of our civil aviation will be upgraded soon under your administration. Good luck!
During the recent PADPAO National Convention last August, seen in the Cebu golf fairways were Rex Piad and this writer. The latest from Rex is that aside from his security business and golf plays, he is now in the mining business somewhere in Indonesia. Ano kayang klaseng mining yan? Abangan. . .
According to some security operators and practitioners in Region 7, our escape artist mistah Tiboe Fusilero is doing fine in his business and is planning to conduct a security education in his security training school somewhere in Negros Province. Di ko lang alam kung Oriental or Occidental. But this is good news about Tiboe.
Talking about security agencies and trainings, a lot of our Matatags are engaged in this line of business. Of course aside from Rex, Egay A, and Tiboe, other Matatags like Ed Matillano, EQ Fernandez, Ruben Domingo, Reuben Cabagnot, Doy Francisco, Twiggy Zubia, Wency Cruz, Jack Tan, and this writer, Joey Lalisan are either in operations or consultancies.
In our group e-mail inputs, our favorite health tippers are Bay Ibo, Romy Dominguez, and at times, Doy Francisco, Manny Foronda, and Atot Paredes. These health tips are more than welcome especially now that most of us are reaching the age of double citizenship…Filipino citizen na, Senior citizen pa. Please heed these medical advises. Logged in were tips for long life by eating bran muffins, recent discovery at John Hopkins of alternative ways to prevent cancer, natural way of removing gallstones, self medication, and simple ways of enjoying life.
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