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by Rolly Malinis

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April 1, 1967, the full force of Class 71 entered the ground of the Philippine Military Academy. For the beast barracks, we were billeted at the summer camp field near Borromeo Field. There was a big welcome sign that read - "From this camp shall emerge the future Generals of the Armed Forces of the Philippines". Day to day for four years, we were trained to make sure that this promise will be a reality at least to many members of the class.

After fifteen years of stay in the US, I came home as a balikbayan to visually see how the class fared to this promise. Forty-five members of the class or 41% made it to the star ranks. This short pictorial/article is a witness that the class fared pretty well in this regard. Taking time to render courtesy calls, I posed for pictures with the Generals/Admirals of the Class.

With General Narsing Abaya, The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)

Rear Admiral Ariston Delos Reyes, The Deputy Chief of Staff of the AFP.

Vice Admiral Joaquin "Jack" Tan , Vice-Commander of the Philippine Navy, Adm Delos Reyes, Cora Malinis, Rolly Malinis, Major General Totoy Rivera(J9), and Major General Boy Castellano(J4).

With Major General Bay Seron, Vice-Commander Philippine Air Force

Major General Bong Ebuen, Commandant AFP Command and General Staff College.

Major General Edwin Galzote, The PAF Inspector General.

Lieutenant General Romy Dominguez and Major General Rey Alcasid.

Rolly Malinis with Major General Rey Alcasid.

Brig General Ed Elona, Wing Commander, 520th AirBase Wing.

With Brig General Bert Sillona, Chief of Staff, Secretary of National Defense.


Other Generals of the Class are:

Philippine Army -

Major General Carlos Garcia
Major General Diosdado Tabamo
Major General Rodolfo Vasquez
Brig General Cesar Gopilan
Brig General  Ernesto Lumang

Philippine Air Force
Major General Ralph Flores
Brig General Nelson Eslao
Brig General Danilo Augusto Francia
Brig  General Prospero Ocampo
Brig General Jaime Canatoy

Philippine Navy
Rear Admiral Ruben Domingo, Commander, Western Command

Philippine National Police Generals
Panfilo Lacson
Rex Piad
Ricardo De Leon
Edgardo Aglipay
Virtus Gil
Reynaldo Velasco
Reynaldo Acop
Victor Batac
Hercules Cataluna
Jaime Dela Cruz
Efren Fernandez
Jose Lalisan, Jr.
Jose Ayap
Ruben Cabagnot
Dominador Domingo
Tiburcio Fusilero
Rolando Garcia
Eduardo Manaay
Eduardo Matillano
Renato Paredes
Teodorico Viduya
Francisco Zubia

In my short visit to the Philippines, I was happy to have met Major General Diosdado Tabamo, Brig Generals Nelson Eslao, Jaime Canatoy, Cesar Gopilan, Police Generals Victor Batac, Rolando Garcia, Virtus Gil, Ricardo De Leon, Jaime Dela Cruz, Dominador Domingo, Jose Lalisan, Teodorico Viduya, and Francisco Zubia.

I also talked through phone to Rear Admiral Ruben Domingo(Palawan), Police Director Reynaldo Acop, and Brig General Prospero Ocampo(Palawan).

To top them all, I was very glad to have met again Director-General/Senator Panfilo Lacson who is now running as President in the coming May election.

Just a rejoinder. Although the rest of the Class did not reach the star ranks, it does not mean that their service have not been outstanding. These achievements will be the focus of another article.

God Bless Class 71 Matatags!

Rolly Malinis


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