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The Class of 1971 started its career in the Academy on April 1, 1967. From the summer camp, where it was once promised that from this camp shall emerge the future generals of the Armed Forces, the class was indoctrinated to the FourthClass and UpperClass System and Honor System. For four years the Tactics Group provided the character and military science tactics training. The Academic Group provided us the education,  to complete all necessary skills needed for the successful pursuit of a progressive military career. The following pictorials present the class as they graduated from the Academy.

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Abello, Edwin

Acop, Rey

Acosta, Mel

Aglipay, Edgar

Albano, Jerry

Alcasid, Rey

Almario, Archie

Ayap, Joe

Balmaceda, Tex

Batac, Vic

Belonia, Dan

Brawner, Frank

Brazal, Soc

Cabagnot, Ruben

Cagurangan, Ging

Canatoy, Jim

Casabar, Benjie

Castellano, Boy

Cataluna, Cate

Chioco, Marte

Costales, Amable

Cruz, Wency

Cuenco, Edwin

Dallo, Nonito

Dauz, Narciso

David, Estan

Degracia, Rolly

Dela Cruz, Jim

De Leon, Ric

DeLos Reyes, Aris

Domingo, Ariel

Domingo, Ador

Domingo, Manuel

Domingo, Ruben

Dominguez, Rom

Doria, Rey

Duran, Tony

Ebuen, Neon

Elona, Edgar

Eslao, Nelson

Espejo, Philip

Espejo, Voltaire

Fabros, Jun

Fernandez, Ernie

Fernandez, Efren

Finones, Ed

Flores, Ralph

Foronda, Manny

Francia, Dan

Francisco, Doy

Fusilero, Tiboe

Galvez, Rafael

Galzote, Edwin

Gange, Ruben


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