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The Class of 1971 started its career in the Academy on April 1, 1967. From the summer camp, where it was once promised to us that from this camp shall emerge the future generals of the Armed Forces, the class was indoctrinated to the FourthClass and UpperClass System and Honor System. For four years the Tactics Group provided the character and military science tactics training. The Academic Group provided us the education,  to complete all necessary skills needed for the successful pursuit of a progressive military career. The following pictorials present the class as they graduated from the Academy.

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Garcia, Carlos

Garcia, Rolando

Gil, Virtus

Gopilan, Cesar

Gopilan, Jaim

Honasan, Greg

Ibo, Cesar

Kapunan, Ed

Laciste, Robert

Lacson, Panfilo

Lalisan, Jose

Lasan, Alex

Legaspi, Tito

Lim, Art

Lumang, Ernie

Malajacan, Jake

Malinis, Rolando

Manaay, Ed

Maranon, Ed

Martinez, Oscar

Matillano, Ed

Millena, Moises

Molato, Angelo

Nartatez, Manuel

Navida, Roberto

Ocampo, Pop

Paredes, Renato

Paredes, Zosimo

Paynor, Jun

Peralta, Dante

Perico, Dan

Piad, Rex

Ramos, Joseph

Ramos, Nolan

Regalado, Reggie

Resplandor, M

Rivera, Rey

Runez, Ted

Sacramento, Bob

Santos, Remigio

Sarmenta, Jun

Seron, Arcadio

Sillona, Bert

Tabamo, Dong

Tabanda, Huoy

Tan, Joaquin

Tapia, Willy

Varona, Nick

Vasquez, Rudy

Velasco, Johnny

Velasco, Rey

Viduya, Teody

Yarisantos, Bobby

Zamora, Levy

Zubia, Twiggy




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