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acostafamily.jpg (26842 bytes)
Mel Acosta,  Hazel  at Pamilya

domingadafamily.jpg (29918 bytes)
Doming DA,  Ester at Pamilya
elonafamily.jpg (22985 bytes)
Edgar Elona,  Connie at  Pamilya
honasanfamily.jpg (26046 bytes)
Greg Honasan, Jane at Pamilya
lasanfamily.jpg (27415 bytes)
Alex Lasan, Thelma at Pamilya 
lumangfamily.jpg (25287 bytes)
Ernie Lumang, Becky at Pamilya
riverareyfamily.jpg (22367 bytes)
Rey Rivera, Benjie at Pamilya
tabamofamily.jpg (26321 bytes)
Dong Tabamo, Lulu at Pamilya
espejovoltfamily.jpg (27549 bytes)
Volts Espejo, Marie at anak Mayvel, Marvet, at Marvee
paynorfamily.jpg (32134 bytes)
Ambassador Jun Paynor, Tess at anak Marie, Chique, Margret
maranon.jpg (25711 bytes)
"The most eligible bachelor" Ed Maranon.
balmacedafamily.jpg (24370 bytes)
Tex and Fatima Balmaceda at Pamilya
franciafamily2.jpg (33729 bytes)
Dan at Arleen Francia at anak Carlo (19)
arieldfamily.jpg (29902 bytes)
Ariel, Rosanna 
Domingo, at mga anak Kristen (23), Joshua (14), at Zachary (6)
eastcoastfamily.jpg (24453 bytes)
Edwin Abello at Luningning, Philip Espejo at Pamilya, at Dan at Arleen 
sacramentofamily.jpg (28660 bytes)
Bobby at Menchu Sacramento
pericofamily.jpg (25022 bytes)
Dan at Charito Perico kasama ang mga anak sina Mike, Shayna, at Patrick
sillonafamily.jpg (33795 bytes)
Bert and Marmie Sillona at pamilya

Ruben Gange and Family


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