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  • There were 5,457 prospective Class 1971 who applied to PMA and only 3,537 finished the examination given from December 22-23, 1966 on various parts of the country. Only 307 passed the test and after a rigid medical and physical examination, 148 were finally taken and reported to PMA on April 1, 1967.

  • The Class entered PMA when the AFP strength was a little over 40,000.

  • The Cadet Corps was only 319 at that time (Class 68 - 56; Class 69 - 42; Class 70 - 73 (?); and Class 71 - 148).

  • Class '71, together with Classes '69, '70, and '72, were the first to be billeted at the then new Regis Hall barracks. We were the last plebes to rot at Lorenzo Hall (the old mess hall) and the first yearling to eat at new mess hall.

  • We were the first PMA Class, together with Class '70, to go on educational tour outside the country. We visited the China's Naval Academy, China's Army Academy, and the Air Force Academy of the Republic of Taiwan during the summer of 1969.

  • It was during our term as firstclassmen when Victor Corpuz raided the PMA armory on December 1970, causing the immediate relief of then PMA Superintendent Brig Gen Aurelio Ugalde.

  • We were cadets during the man's first landing on the moon and when the big earthquake leveled the Ruby Tower in Manila.

  • The first civilian instructor, Mr Antolin Martinez, was hired by PMA when we were cadets.

  • The use of tagalog military command was first introduced when Class 71 were plebes in 1967-68.

  • The yearlings 71 converted the Silent Drill Platoon to Silent Drill Company. One of the last performances was at the gymnasium of the Chinese Military Academy of the Republic of Taiwan.

  • We were also the first class to adopt a rotating cadet officer corps during our firstie year.

  • First Class Cadet Archie Almario '71 was the first to receive a military award (Bronze Cross) while still a cadet. He was the first cadet of the Philippine Military Academy to be awarded The Bronze Cross which is a military decoration for acts of heroism involving the risk of one's own life. In utter disregard for his personal safety, then Secondclass Cadet Almario, in the evening of 31 Dec 1969, clambered up the burning apartment building at Arlegui, Quiapo, Manila by going through the fire escape to answer the frantic cries of eight children who were trapped inside one of the rooms. He braved this peril to rescue the eight young children who were in the throes of a sure and fiery death. The youthful cadet from Sta. Mesa, Manila was later awarded one of the highest military decorations in recognition of his courage and bravery. Cadet Almario received at Camp Aguinaldo the Bronze Cross from Gen. Manuel T. Yan, the chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

  • The Silent Drill Company of Matatag Class of 1971 was the first to perform outside the Philippines, in the Chinese Military Academy (CMA), when the entire secondclassmen visited this little-island province of Taiwan in in 1969 as part of the Corps' Asian Tour. The constant source of pride of Class 1971, the crack silent drill company showed their inimitable wares to the Chinese cadets. Their performance was more or less, a salute to the host who were more than eager to accomodate the Cadet Corps. They did very well, well enough to merit the admiration and ceaseless enthusiasm of the hosts. At the Chinese Air Force Academy, the silent drill company also performed for the Air Force cadets inspite of a slight drizzle. They did it this time inside a gymnasium with complete floors and eye-popping flash bulbs. The heavy thumping of rifle butts broke three rifle stocks. No frets, all for diplomacy. Thus, the silent drill company have gave in its share in crystallizing the objective of the goodwill mission tour of the group of cadets from the Philippine Military Academy.

  • Class 71 had a singing group called "The Four Winds and A Shadow" that enjoyed singing novelty, as well as four-part harmonies to entertain people and remember melodies in their past in a different way. The members: Bobby Navida, Tenor 1; Jun Paynor, Tenor 2 and Baritone; Franklin Brawner; Bass 1 and Teody Viduya and Dan Francia, Bass 2 and Guitars. Cadets Jun Paynor, Dan Francia, Teody Viduya, and Bobby Navida are the "Four Winds" and Cadet Franklin Brawner as "The Shadow".

  • The "Men of Gray", the first all cadet combo, was formed in 1969. It is the Electric Combo that played tunes of the times, as played by the original bands. First Generation: Cesar Alvarez '70 , Bass Guitar; Hombre Garcia '70, Rythm Guitar and Singer; Johhny Velasco '71, Drums; Bobby Navida '71, Alternate Drums and Lead Singer and Dan Francia '71, Lead Guitar and Organizer. Second Generation: Pete Espadero '72, Rhythm Guitar; Torch Torres '73, Bass Guitar; Bobby Navida '71, Drums and Lead Singer; Budo Acedera '74, Keyboard; Bob Aviso '73, Lead Singer; Romy Buenaflor ,74; Alternate Lead Guitar and Dan Francia '71, Lead Guitar and Organizer.

  • The following songs continued to echo at the Cadet Mess Hall - "Mr. Dyingly Sad, Cherish, Happy Together, Don't You Care, California Dreaming, Yesterday's Gone, I'll See You in September, Before and After, Never My Love, Save Your Heart, Girl From Ipanema, Sealed With A Kiss, Count Me In, Try To Remember, A World Without Love, Words, Listen To The Rhytm Of The Falling Rain, Monday, Monday, Traces of Love, He Ain't Heavy, Hey Jude, 500 Miles, Scarborough Fair, and Spanish Harlem".

  • Five superintendents were in control of PMA during our cadetship. (Col Reynaldo Mendoza, Col. Ernesto Santos, BrigGen Cesar Garcia, Col Aurelio Ugalde, and Commodore Gregorio Lim).

  • The Class of 1971 was the first PMA class who have more than 100 graduates. There were 109 of us who graduated, 108 of whom were commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants on April 2, 1971(Willy Tapia succumbed to leukemia on 2 March 1971). We were one of the classes who technically graduated as an officer instead of straight from cadetship. We were supposed to graduate on 28 Mar 71. However, PFM was not available and the graduation ceremonies (the entire March Week, not only the commencement exercise) was moved from 31 Mar to 2 Apr, with 2 April as our day of graduation, one day after Gel Molato became 21 and exactly one month from the death of Willy Tapia (2 Mar). To placate us, Sec Enrile came all the way up to Baguio to inform us that our date of commission stay on 28 March 1971.

  • Service assignment was done by signifying their personal preferences with the quota set by GHQ as given. Conflict was resolved through order of merit priorities. The final distribution: Philippine Army - 29 (including Willy Tapia); Philippine Air Force - 38 ; Philippine Constabulary - 31; and Philippine Navy - 10.

  • Addendum: Willy Tapia signified for PA before he died. Doy Francisco originally signified PAF but took Willy's slot when the former failed the eye test and after beating Tex in the coin toss witnessed by Gringo, and Rey Rivera, Vic Batac, and Bouncy at the Regimental Staff room.

  • Oca Martinez got the most coveted Presidential Saber for graduating number 1 and Ed Matillano got the Athletic Saber for excellence in athletics.

  • Nick Varona was the first to marry. Wedding ceremony was held at the PMA Chapel on the night of the graduation day. Miles Millena was just close behind.

  • The following joined the:
     Philippine Army: 2nd Lieutenants Melchor Acosta, Jerry Albano, Franklin Brawner, Gregorio Cagurangan, Marte Chioco, Nonito Dallo, Estanislao David, Rolando Degracia, Fernando Francisco, Rafael Galvez, Ruben Gange, Jaime Gopilan, Gregorio Honasan, Alejandro Lasan, Cesar Ibo, Marcelino Malajacan, Oscar Martinez, Roberto Sacramento, Huey Tabanda, Wilfredo Tapia, Rodolfo Vasquez, Johnny Velasco, Reynaldo Alcasid, Romeo Dominguez, Carlos Garcia, Cesar Gopilan, Ernesto Lumang, Reynaldo Rivera, Diosdado Tabamo, Levy Zamora, and Narsing Abaya.

    Philippine Air Force: 2nd Lieutenants  Reynaldo Doria, Manuel Nartatez, Nolan Ramos, Ceferino Sarmenta, Edwin Abello, Tex Balmaceda, Danilo Belonia, Jaime Canatoy, Narciso Dauz, Manuel Domingo, Nelson Eslao, Philip Espejo, Voltaire Espejo, Ernesto Fernandez, Manuel Foronda, Danilo Francia, Eduardo Kapunan, Tito Legaspi, Artemio Lim, Rolando Malinis, Edgardo Maranon, Moises Millena, Gel Molato, Roberto Navida, Daniel Perico, Joseph Ramos, Manuelito Resplandor, Remegio Santos, Lamberto Sillona, Nicolas Varona, Jose Yarisantos, Cicero Castellano, Neon Ebuen, Edgar Elona, Ralph Flores, Edwin Galzote, Prospero Ocampo, and Arcadio Seron.

    Philippine Navy: Ensigns Amable Costales, Archilles Almario, Socrates Brazal, Wenceslao Cruz, Urbano Fabros, Robert Laciste, Dante Peralta, Ruben Domingo, Ariston Delos Reyes, Joaquin Tan, Bienvenido Alano.

    Philippine Constabulary:  2nd Lieutenants Benjamin Casabar, Edwin Cuenco, Antonio Duran, Jaime Dela Cruz, Ariel Domingo, Dominador Domingo, Efren Fernandez, Eduardo Finones, Tiburcio Fusilero, Panfilo Lacson, Eduardo Mana-ay, Renato Paredes, Zosimo Paredes, Marciano Paynor, Rex Piad, Rogelio Regalado, Teodoro Runes, Reynaldo Acop, Edgar Aglipay, Jose Ayap, Victor Batac, Ruben Cabagnot, Hercules Cataluna, Ricardo De Leon, Rolando Garcia, Virtus Gil, Jose Lalisan Jr, Eduardo Matillano, Reynaldo Velasco, Teodorico Viduya, and Francisco Zubia.

    Adopted Members: Aquino, Napoleon; Claravall, Tadeo; Concepcion; Art,Cruz, Avelino; Dagudag, Alfonso; Gonzales, Reynor; Guce, Conrado; Pabuayon, Cesar; Pagdanganan, Robert; Paredes, Romulo; Purificacion, Eduardo; Venida, Nestor; and Mainit, Gabriel.

  • Equipped with the skills and knowledge they acquired from the Academy, the different groups of the Matatags were given various assignments. The PAF group was sent to Philippine Air Force Flying School at Fernando Air Base for flying training on 3 May 1971. Together they comprised the PAF Class 72B. 2nd Lieutenant Mardol Maranon was our first soloist, more that 2 hours less than the minimum required time for solo. Bong Ebuen got the most coveted McMicking Award for graduating number 1 and Miles Millena topped the class in academics. Graduation day was 25 November 1972.

  • The PN group took the NOQC for a year.

  • The PC group took the PCOBC at Camp Panopio, Quezon City.

  • Aside from Willy Tapia, the first casualty of the class was Tony Duran, PC. He was ambushed at Zamboanga Del Norte. Tates Nartatez of the PAF was declared missing in December of 1970 when their C-47 aircraft got lost in Jolo waters while performing flare drop mission. Ambet Costales of the PN was first casualty of the PN group.

  • The fact was that most of the members of the Class figured prominently in the February 1986 Revolution that toppled the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos. Just like the West Point classes during the American Civil War, Class 71 found themselves in the opposite sides of the fence. One supporting Marcos and the other against. The only difference was that it was a non-violent warfare. Each side respecting the belief of the other. They agreed to disagree. When the smoke cleared, we were again one.

  • During the middle years, members of the class were assigned as batallion commanders, squadron commanders, and ship commanders. Many also served as staff officers in the wing/brigade/fleet in the differents units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

  • In its senior years, the Class produced 43 Generals: PA - 8; PAF - 11; PN - 3; and PC/PNP - 21.

  • Egay Aglipay was the first to become General of the Class. He was promoted June, 1994.

  • Class 71 stood tall and proud. Director General Panfilo Lacson was appointed as Chief, Philippine National Police from November 1999-January 20, 2001 and became the first member of the Class to get the highest post one can aspire in the National Police Service. It is also proud to have a regular member General Narsing Abaya (USMA 71) appointed as Chief of Staff of the AFP in 2003.

  • The following were the last assignments before these Matatags retired from the service:

  • Vice Admiral Ariston Delos Reyes Vice Chief of Staff, AFP
    Vice Admiral Ruben Domingo Commander, Western Command
    Lieutenant General Romeo Dominguez Commander, Northern Luzon Command
    Deputy Director General Rex Piad Chief, Directorial Staff, PNP
    Deputy Director General Virtus Gil PNP Deputy Chief for Administration
    Deputy Dir General Reynaldo Velasco PNP Deputy Chief for Administration
    Deputy Director Ricardo De Leon PNP Deputy Chief for Administration
    Major General Reynaldo Rivera J-9, AFP
    Major General Diosdado Tabamo DCS, CEIS, J11, AFP
    Major General Neon Ebuen Commandant, JCSC
    Major General Arcadio Seron Vice Commander, Philippine Air Force
    Major General Edwin Galzote The Inspector General, AFP
    Major General General Reynaldo Alcasid Division Commander, 5th Infantry Div, PA
    Major General Cicero Castellano J-4, General Headquarters, AFP
    Major General Carlos Garcia J-6, General Headquarters, AFP
    Rear Admiral Jack Tan Vice Commander, Philippine Navy
    Police Director Jaime Dela Cruz Director, Directorate for Logistics, HPNP
    Police Director Jose Lalisan Director, Directorate for Pers and Records PNP
    Police Director Hercules Cataluna Directorate for Plan, PNP
    Police Director Eduardo Matillano Director, DIDM, HPNP
    Police Director Ruben Cabagnot Deputy, Internal Affairs Office PNP
    Police Director Victor Batac Director, Directorate for Logistics,PNP
    Police Director Reynaldo Acop Director for Personnel and Record Management PNP
    Brigadier General Edgar Elona Wing Commander, Villamor Air Base, PAF
    Brigadier General Cesar Gopilan Deputy Commander, CENCOM
    Brigadier Genera Ernesto Lumang Deputy Commander, SOLCOM, GHQ
    Brigadier General Rudolfo Vasquez Chief of Army Staff, HQs. Philippine Army
    Brigadier General Jaime Canatoy Commander, Air Reserve Command
    Brigadier General Danilo Francia Wing Commander, 15th Strike Wing, PAF
    Brigadier General Lamberto Sillona Wing Commander, 410 AMW, PAF
    Brigadier General Nelson Eslao HQs, PAF
    Brigadier General Prospero Ocampo Palawan 570 CTW Commander
    Police Director Rolando Garcia Director, Philippine Center for Transnational Crimes
    Police Director Dominador Domingo Police Director, PRO 9, PNP
    Police Director Renato Paredes Director, PNP Traffic Management Group
    Police Chief Superintendent Teodorico Viduya Dep Director, Dir -r Pers and Record Mgmt PNP
    Police Chief Superintendent Jose Ayap HPNP
    Polcie Chief Superintendent Francisco Zubia Director, CIDG PNP
    Colonel Ralph Flores Head, Air Force Logistics Command
    Colonel Jerry Albano Chief, Special Services of GHQ
    Colonel Levy Zamora Brigade Commander, 5ID
    Colonel Artemio Lim Dep Wing Commander, 420th Supply Wing, CABCOM
    Colonel Marte Chioco ISAFP, AFP
    Colonel Rolando Malinis Deputy Asst Secretary of Defense for Installations and
    Logistics, DND

  • Jess Paredes became the first elected official of the Class when he won the seat as Assemblyman of the Old Batasang Pambansa.

  • Senator Greg Honasan would soon take the record when he was elected as Senator during the 1997 election. He served for a total of nine years having been re-elected in 2001.

  • Soon to follow was Senator Ping Lacson. He won a senatorial seat in the 2001 election. He is not done yet. Right now in the 2004 election, he is aspiring not only to be the Class number 1 but also to be number one official of the country. He is running for president.

  • The Class holds that distinction of being the only Class having 2 Matatags at the Philippine Senate at the same time for some time - in the persons of Senators Ping Lacson and Greg Honasan.

  • Among the non-elective positions, Ambassador Jun Paynor has garnered the highest honor. After several consular assignments in different parts of the world, he attained the ambassador rank. He was assigned as DEPUTY Chief of Mission in Rome, then Philippine Ambassador to Israel, and currently as Consul-General of the Philippine Consulate at Los Angeles, California USA.

  • Other Matatags in the government service are: Attorney Bob Sacramento,  Custom Collector; Bobby Navida, Assistant Director General at National Security Council; BrigGen Bert Sillona (Ret), Chief of Staff, Secretary of National Defense; and BrigGen Dan Francia is EVP/GM of AFP General Insurance Corporation.

  • Jess Paredes II - Executive Director, Commission on Visiting Forces Agreement and concurrently as Presidential Assistant, Office of the President; while Ferna EQ is Deputy Director, Phil Drug Enforcement Agency, both categorized as Undersecretaries.

  • Marte Chioco is the Deputy Director General of NICA.

  • Marte Chioco, Consultant NISA; Alex Lasan, Manager, MBAI Regional Office.

  • As of September 10, 2006, the following Matatags are holding the following government positions:
  • Aris De Los Reyes is now the Undersecretary of National Defense.

    Bert Sillona is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Installation and Logistics.

    Egay Aglipay is the President, Philippine Retirement Authority

    Virtus Gil is the Undersecretary of the National Security Council

    Rolly Garcia is the Undersecretary of TransNational Crime.

  • May 2007 Election. The following matatags are candidates for the May 2007 elections:

    Greg Honasan, Ping Lacson and Jess Paredes

    FOR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE: Bob Sacramenton (Tarlac)

    FOR GOVERNOR: Obet Pagdanganan




  • Some 101 members have retired or resigned from the service. Three retired with the the rank of General/Police Director General; 4 with the rank of Lieutenant General/Police DepDir General; 18 with the rank of Major General/Rear Admiral/Police Director; 18 with the rank of Brigadier General; 27 with the rank of full Colonel; 25 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; and 4 majors.

  • Nine have used their entrepreneurial talent to put up their own businesses: Tex Balmaceda, President and Broker of AF Properties in Hawaii; Ariel Domingo,  CEO of Ariel A. Domingo Insurance Agency Inc., State Farm Insurance, California; Ernie Fernandez, president of CETER, an IT consulting company based in California; Volts Espejo, President, UTS Transport Company, Inc.; Huey Tabanda, Owner, Caltex Station, Baguio; Tito Legaspi is President, Aircon Services; Red Kapunan manages his own private bank; Archie Almario with wife Rose operate a Child Care Center at Hayward, CA; and Gel Molato, Pres/CEO STI College Rosario, Cavite.

  • Rolly Degracia is Business Analyst/Cost Accountant for the Boeing Commercial Airplanes.   Dan Perico is Project Manager for EDS at HerndonVirginia; Ed Maranon is Senior Programmer Analyst of LA County, CA;  and Soc Brazal is Technology Analyst, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

  • Oca Martinez remains consultant abroad.

  • Ging Cagurangan is the General Manager Japan Special Glass Inc. in PEZA, Rosario Cavite; Doy Francisco is IT Consultant with MBAI; Bay Ibo is manager of Vanguard Holdings; Narsing Dauz, the manager of Valley Golf Club, Antipolo; Wency Cruz is General Manager, Ayala Center Association Inc. and Security Coordinator of Ayala Center Makati, Ayala Land Inc; Jun Fabros is SW Engineer of TRW, East Coast USA; Doming DA is VP for Security of BPI; Teddy Runes is Corporate Security Manager of Coca Cola Bottlers, Inc;

  • Other matatags who are successful in their own rights are: Stan David and Jimmy Gopilan at Los Angeles, California; Edwin Abello at the Eastern Coast, USA; and Bobby Laciste at Texas, USA; and for Philip Espejo - Forgiven, through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ to pay for all my sins against a Loving God.

  • Dan Belonia and Manuel Domingo are pilots of Cebu Pacific; Manny Foronda is pilot at Orient Thai Airlines; JB Ramos is pilot of Transport Corp. Ltd at Angola; Manny Resplandor is a PAL pilot; and Bobby Yarisantos at Aero Pilipinas-PAL.

  • Among the honorary members of the class: Nap Aquino is IGS Consultant, Moonpark CA; Ave Cruz is Electrical Engineer of Raytheon Company; while Mulong Paredes is President of CEDCO, Inc.; and Cesar Pabuayon is a Religion Pastor.

  • Within the span of 39 years, many Matatags extended the Bachelor of Science degree they got from PMA by acquiring other college and graduate/post-degrees.

    Colonel(Ret)/Attorney Roberto Sacramento Bachelor of Laws. CSEE
    Colonel(Ret)/Attorney Oscar Martinez Bachelor of Laws
    Attorney Zosimo Paredes II Bachelor of Laws
    Navy Captain(Ret) Bienvenido Alano Master of Arts and PhD (Econ)
    Lieutenant Colonel(Res) Jaime Gopilan Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    First Lieutenant(Res) Ariel Domingo Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
    General (Ret) Narciso Abaya Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Master in Business Admin.
    Navy Captain(Ret) Urbano Fabros Master of Science, Information System
    Lieutenant Colonel(Res) Danilo Perico Master of Science, Information System.
    Major(Res) Angelo Molato Master of Science, Information System
    Colonel(Ret) Rafael Galvez Master in Business Management
    Colonel(Ret) Philip Espejo Master in Business Administration, Master in Log Mgmnt
    Colonel(Ret) Voltaire Espejo Master of Science in Log Management
    Colonel(Ret) Rolando Degracia Master of Science in Log Management, CPIM (Certified in Production & Inventory Management)
    Senator Gregorio Honasan Master in Business Management
    Colonel(Ret) Fernando Francisco Master of Science, Industrial Engineering
    Colonel(Ret) Moises Millena Master in Business Management
    Colonel(Ret) Rolando Malinis Master of Arts (Econ)
    Commander (Res) Socrates Brazal Master in Business Administration
    Vice Admiral(Ret) Ariston Delos Reyes Master in National Security Administration
    Police Director(Ret) Jose Lalisan Master in National Security Administration
    Major General(Ret) Diosdado Tabamo Master in National Defense Studies
    Police Director(Ret) Renato Paredes Master in Business Administration
    Major General(Red) Cicero Castellano Master in Business Management
    Lieutenant Colonel (Res) Estanislao David Master of Science in Mgmnt and Organizational Development
    Lieutenant General(Ret) Romeo Dominguez Masters in Accountancy, and Master in Public and Business Mgmnt
    Senator/Dir Gen Panfilo Lacson Master in Government Management
    Colonel (Ret) Manuel Foronda Master in Management
    Major (Deceased) Ceferino Sarmenta Master in Management
    Police Director (Ret) Dominador Domingo Master in Management
    Brigadier General(Ret) Lamberto Sillona

    Master in Business Administration

    Colonel (Ret) Wenceslao Cruz Master in Management


We enjoin everyone to offer silent prayers for the following deceased members of PMA Class 71:

Philippine Army

  • Franklin Brawner

  • Nonito Dallo

Philippine Air Force

  • Reynaldo Doria

  • Manuel Nartatez

  • Nolan Ramos

  • Ceferino Sarmenta

  • Jaime Canatoy

  • Neon Ebuen

Philippine Navy

  • Amable Costales

Philippine Constabulary

  • Benjamin Casabar

  • Edwin Cuenco

  • Antonio Duran

Associate Member (PAF)

  • Conrad Guce

            As of today, January 17, 2005 here are the more important statistics about the PMA Class 71 Matatags:

Total Number of Graduates: 109
Total Associate/Honorary Members: 15
Active Service: 0

  • Philippine Navy - 2

  • Fifty-one Matatags remained in the military/police services till the mandatory retirement age of 56. Out of this, forty-five (45) had retired as generals broken down as follows: three (3) general/police director generals; six (6) lieutenant generals/vice admirals/deputy director generals; eighteen (18) major generals/rear admirals/police directors; and eighteen (18) brigadier generals/chief superintendents. The rest of this group retired with the rank of full colonel.
  • Forty-nine (49) either retired before reaching the mandatory retirement age or resigned their commission due to various reasons. Twenty-one (21) retired with the ranks of full colonel after serving at least 20 years in the military service (optional retirement); twenty-four (24) with the rank of lieutenant colonel; three resigned with the rank of major; and one resigned with the rank of 1st lieutenant.

Dead Members:

  • PA - 3

  • PAF - 6

  • PN - 1

  • PNP - 3

  • Total dead - 13

The former Vice Chief of Staff, AFP Vice Admiral Delos Reyes (Ret) retired on February 16, 2006. He was the last member of the matatags to retire from the active service. That marked the end of the turn of PMA Class 71 Matatag in actively serving the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police. But the outstanding achievements of the Class will not end there yet. The energy exhibited by the Class' pool of technocrats, managers, government executives, and the experiences and expertise that go with it, will continue to be valuable to the military establishment and the civilian and government sectors as well. Their minds and philosophies will continue to influence the course that this nation will take. We have one more fervent wish. We hope we will soon have a President who is a Matatag as well.

Wherever we maybe, the matatags will continue to give honors to PMA Class 71 and the Philippine Military Academy in particular and to the country in general.


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