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October 14 and October 20, 2004
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Archie and Rose Almario, Cynthia Brawner and Cora Malinis at the residence of Franklin's sister at San Francisco


Archie and Rose Almario, Cynthia Brawner, Cora and Rolly Malinis


Archie and Rose, Cynthia, Cora, Rolly, and Franklin's sister.


All the ladies only.


At the dinner at a Chinese restaurant at San Francisco


Archie, Rose, Cynthia, and Cora


Dinner for the Castellano's. Boy's son, Cora Malinis, Barrie Castellano, Rose and Archie Almario, Boy Castellano, and Rolly Malinis

The ladies Cora, Barrie, and Rose. Wow yummy ang foods.


One more time. Boy's sonl Cora, Barrie, Rose, Archie, and Boy.

Another shot with the group at the Chinese restaurant at Millbrae, California.


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