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May 2003

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Marmie, Bert, Archie, Rose, Romy Bruce 66, 
Cora, and Guest at BitMicro owned and managed 
by the Bruce family
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At BitMicro 

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Romy Bruce'66 giving a 
detailed briefing about BitMicro
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Cora Malinis, Rose Almario, Marmie Sillona and Baby Sillona
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Matatag Gang
bertinsfo6.jpg (53840 bytes)
Rose and Marmie
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bertinsfo8.jpg (61857 bytes)
Rolly, Cora, Archie, Rose, Marmie, and Bert
bertinsfo9.jpg (65466 bytes)
Bert Touring the BitMicro Lab
bertinsfo10.jpg (76392 bytes)
Baby of the Crowd
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