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July 13, 2002

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Archie Almario, Rolly Malinis, and
Rey Rivera in the Planet of the Apes
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Rey, Rolly, and Archie at the Fishermen's Wharf

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Archie with Rose, Rey Rivera, Cora Malinis,
and Benjie Rivera during the cruise at the Bay
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Benjie Rivera, Rose Almario, Archie,
Rey Rivera, and Cora Malinis with crab lunch
at the Fishermen's Wharf
reysf5.jpg (64104 bytes)
Benjie, Rose, Rey, Rolly and Cora Malinis
reysf6.jpg (58161 bytes)
The ladies engaging in talks while waiting
for the husbands
reysf7.jpg (49393 bytes)
Rose, Archie, and Rey
reysf8.jpg (41717 bytes)
Cora and Benjie with the San Francisco horizon
as background
reysf9.jpg (30786 bytes)
Rey and Archie viewing Alcatraz
reysf10.jpg (53375 bytes)
Cora and Benjie
reysf11.jpg (43226 bytes)
Archie and Rolly taking each other's picture
reysf12.jpg (30689 bytes)
The ladies with the Golden Gate Bridge 
as background
reysf13.jpg (51485 bytes)
The Alcatraz
reysf47.jpg (50975 bytes)
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