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The Malinises visited the Degracia's in Washington.

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The Degracia Family
Rolly, Romel, And Mely

RollyD and RollyM

Degracia and Malinis Families

Fe (RollyM's cousin), Mely, Romel, RollyD, and Cora Malinis

Romel, Mely, RollyD, RollyM, and Cora

Romel, a very talented kid. Good in piano and computer.

Romel, the piano virtuoso, and
Mom Mely

Playing the Phantom of the Opera...

His fingers are similar to Van Cliburn.

RollyD - Thank you for the dinner

RollyD, Romel, Mely, Cora, Fe, and RollyM

RollyD, Mely, Romel, and Cora


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